Skinperfect Rejuvenation Treatment System

With the help of Petra, our Master Medical Aesthetician and overseen by Dr. Edelstein, we’ve designed a fabulous new treatment system for your skin: the SkinPerfect Rejuvenation Treatment. This specially designed system is tailored to the unique requirements of your skin. Here’s what happens:Your SkinPerfect Rejuvenation Treatment begins by receiving a thorough analysis of your skin and complexion in a private consultation. We detail every blemish and imperfection that’s preventing you from having the beautiful complexion you deserve. Our Master Anesthetician pinpoints all the areas that need attention as well. You’ll have to fill out a 2 page form that will help her better understand what you’d like to achieve (don’t worry, the form is mostly checkboxes so you won’t have to write too much). Then, a treatment plan is devised to accurately resolve your concerns with the most effective and gentle solution.The SkinPerfect process starts with a complete cleansing of your face to remove all makeup and environmental pollution. After your skin is cleaned on the surface, it’s time to target the lower layers with a customized solution that can best be described as an intense exfoliation. This deep exfoliator removes embedded dirt, debris, and dead skin cells clogging your pores. It also removes some of the signs of damage caused by the environment as well as reduces fine lines and minor discolouration.

The solution contains therapeutic ingredients that promote the creation of collagen and elastin at the cellular level to make your skin healthier and firmer.

Following your treatment (whatever it specifically may be), there is no downtime and you can go right back to work or play. And now is the fun part: you’ll notice a dramatic rejuvenation of your skin. Wrinkles will become less visible with boosted collagen levels, blemishes minimized and the overall texture of your complexion smoothed out. Remember that sweet glow you had when you first fell in love with someone, and everyone noticed how great you looked? That’s what our SkinPerfect Treatment can help you get back!

The SkinPerfect™ Rejuvenation Treatment is only available at Edelstein Cosmetic. We designed it to help you achieve gorgeous, radiant skin – exactly what you’ve always wanted!

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