Toronto Tummy Tuck – This Cosmetic Surgery Helps Contour and Sculpt Your Body

Why Do People Consider Tummy Tuck Surgery?

There are a number of good reasons that people undergo a tummy tuck in Toronto. For both men and women, significant weight loss may leave undesired, excess skin hanging in the lower abdominal area. Human skin has surprising capability to retract and conform to smaller body shape, but the dramatic, prolonged stretching of an obese belly or pregnancy can prove to be too much for the tissue’s natural elasticity. When many months have passed after shedding the weight, and a person is otherwise in great shape, they often need a little help. An abdominoplasty procedure, more commonly known as tummy tuck, is perfectly designed to target this specific problem and fix a few other issues too.

Pregnancy is another precursor for a tummy tuck in Toronto. Everyone’s skin and muscles respond differently to the nine months of tension before childbirth. For some women, a condition known as diastasis recti leaves the abdominal muscles separated along the vertical midsection. Unfortunately, no matter how much they exercise and strengthen their ‘abs,’ their wider position can only be corrected through a standard tummy tuck.

How Does A Tummy Tuck Work?

This popular cosmetic procedure tightens and flattens abdominal tissue through a few corrective steps. First, a horizontal incision is made along the lower abdomen, at the level of the pubic bone. It is ideallypositionedto hide within the underwear and swimsuits. The length of incision will vary, depending on the amount of skin to be excised. The plastic surgeon will have marked the material to be removed and a new position for the belly button. Just under the skin, the tough, top layer over the abdominal muscles is then stitched together all the way from the sternum to pubic bone. This action pulls in the waistline tightly, like a corset, and reduces the protruding look of the belly. For many people, tighter muscles in their correct position will improve posture and abdominal strength.

Once the work is complete, the abdominal incision is closed with internal sutures, then covered with strong medical tape to protect it while healing. The patient will be advised to wear a snug, compression binder for 4-6 weeks after surgery because it helps reduce swelling and press all the tissues tightly into place.

Can A Tummy Tuck Be Combined With Other Cosmetic Surgery?

Yes- many people choose to add liposuction or even breast procedures for a more complete transformation. Supplementary liposuction is often combined to tummy tucks in Toronto because it can help to sculpt and reshape the figure. For women, the addition of a breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation will classify their treatment as a ‘mommy makeover.’ This popular post-baby surgical solution combines work in more than one area to help reclaim the pre-baby body.To learn more about tummy tucks and how you may reach your goals with this option, contact Edelstein Cosmetic today.




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