Am I Too Old for a Tummy Tuck in Toronto?

Wanting a smoother, flatter tummy at any age is common. Plenty of people come around to the idea of reshaping their figure with cosmetic surgery when they’re beyond middle age and into their retirement years. Do you wonder if you’re too old for a tummy tuck in Toronto?

If so, you’re in good company. People typically have more disposable income once they enter their 50s and beyond. They will have fewer family and work obligations and may have just begun to consider what they like and want for themselves. Plenty of people in their 50s 60s and 70s are in great shape but years of normal wear and tear on the skin, or past pregnancies, have left elements of fat and skin that never bounce back.

Luckily, age doesn’t prevent otherwise healthy men and women from being great cosmetic surgery candidates. If you want an abdominoplasty to slim and smooth your belly, you could be an ideal candidate.

Have you lost significant weight?

Midlife health and lifestyle resets have many people pleased to be thinner and healthier in their later years, but the skin that remains after fat loss is unlikely to retract back for older people. We naturally lose skin elasticity and collagen as we age, so the hard work of losing weight can sometimes leave sagging skin. Abdominoplasty is an effective method to remove skin and make other adjustments to the midsection. If you’re healthy and not overweight, you could be a good candidate.

50 is the new 40 as they say, and in some cases, people are living as though they are decades younger now. Active older people who like to visit the gym, swim, bike and more, may feel self-conscious about sagging skin. If you’ll feel more comfortable in your workout clothes or visiting the beach after an abdominoplasty, why not schedule a consultation?

What does assessment involve?

For those over 40, many plastic surgeons will order an EKG and various lab tests to ensure that you’re healthy and functioning well. That doesn’t mean people who take medications or manage health conditions can’t have a tummy tuck in Toronto, but these are highly individual medical assessment factors.
Your surgeon will need to ensure that you aren’t at overly high risk of excess bleeding, blood clots, anaesthetic reactions or delayed healing. They’ll meet with you privately to listen to your goals, examine you, and ask some questions. Sometimes medications can be stopped temporarily, others can’t, and others don’t need to be. It’s essential to share openly about your lifestyle, supplements and medications with your surgeon.

For men and women in good general health, age isn’t a limiting factor for abdominoplasty. A firmer, smoother stomach can boost anyone’s confidence, whatever life stage they’re at.
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