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Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, are you frustrated with your figure because of excess fat and skin around the abdominal area? At Edelstein Cosmetic, we offer tummy tuck surgeries as a solution to this problem. In Toronto, a tummy tuck procedure is one of the most popular options to reshape the body.

The tummy tuck surgery serves the purpose of removing excess tissue such as skin and fat, then tightening the abdominal wall by repairing separated muscles. It is a great solution for those looking to change their body contour around the mid-section.

Although most individuals who want to undergo a tummy tuck surgery are suitable candidates, here are some qualities that plastic surgeons look for to determine if the procedure is right for you.

You Have Excessive Skin In The Abdominal Area

Tummy tuck surgeries are dedicated to targeting stubborn pockets of fat, as well as excess skin around the abdomen. Without extra skin tissue, a stretched look can occur – therefore, a significant amount of skin is needed for optimal results.The wonderful thing is, due to the multiple techniques offered at our Toronto plastic surgery clinic, even if you only have excess skin below your belly button, you may still be a candidate for a mini-tummy tuck.

You Should Be In Overall Good Physical & Emotional Health

Tummy tuck procedures are generally low-risk surgeries; however, it is still important to be in good health in preparation for it. If you have a serious underlying health condition, you may not be suitable for the procedure because of the anesthesia and stress. Furthermore, health conditions such as autoimmune disorders and connective tissue disorders can interfere with the recovery process. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are in good overall health before deciding on a Toronto tummy tuck surgery.

You Have Realistic Expectations

Tummy tuck surgeries can be body-transforming and life-changing with impacts on your appearance and self-confidence. However, you must retain realistic expectations. Following the surgery, you will need a significant amount of recovery time before the results gradually appear. The tummy tuck procedure is also not intended to be a weight-loss surgery; thus, you must maintain your results by eating well and incorporating adequate exercise into your lifestyle.

You Had A Baby Or Lost A Significant Amount Of Weight

Many suitable candidates for a tummy tuck surgery are those who have been pregnant or lost a significant amount of weight. Both cause a great deal of permanent damage to the abdominal muscles and stretch the skin, leaving loose tissue hanging. A tummy tuck surgery serves to take care of all these issues.

You Are No Longer Planning On Becoming Pregnant In The Future

As mentioned above, pregnancy leads to stretching of skin and damage to abdominal muscles as the uterus grows. Thus, if you are planning to become pregnant in the future, it is ill-advised to undergo a tummy tuck as the results from the procedure will not last. Future pregnancies can separate the repaired muscles and skin, necessitating additional surgeries to restore the results of your initial tummy tuck.

You Are Within Range Of Your Ideal Weight

In order to be a great candidate, you should be within 15-20 pounds of your ideal weight before undergoing the procedure. If you lose more weight, you will see more excess skin and loose muscle around the abdominal area which negates the tummy tuck. As well, obesity increases health risks associated with surgery and can interfere with healing.

If you are interested in receiving a tummy tuck procedure, please come into our clinic for a private consultation with our board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in tummy tuck procedures.  Together, we can assess your condition, discuss your goals and determine if a tummy tuck is the most suited for you.




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