Can A Tummy Tuck in Toronto Help With Your Weight Loss Journey?

Abdominoplasties aren’t designed for weight loss, but is improved fitness a side effect? If you plan to reshape your abdomen, repair separated muscles and remove excess skin through a tummy tuck in Toronto, you may enjoy additional benefits that help you look and feel your best.

Toronto Tummy Tuck – What Does This Procedure Accomplish?

Tummy tucks are also known as abdominoplasty. This is a cosmetic surgery designed to sculpt and reshape the abdomen. Primarily, removal of excess, sagging skin is often the focus, but repairing separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) is a key feature as well.There are a few different techniques used to perform this procedure, and you may have heard of “full” “mini” or “FAB/hybrid” tummy tucks. Toronto plastic surgeons will usually decide with their patient which method is the most appropriate based on their body and their goals. A horizontal incision will be made across the lower abdomen, skin pulled tight, and excess removed. In some cases, supplemental liposuction is added during surgery to help thin out the waist and smooth the tummy.

Will The Tummy Tuck Change My Weight?

Sometimes people expect significant weight changes after abdominoplasty, but the excised skin and fat might only weigh a few pounds. Instead of being physically lighter, you’ll feel slimmer because the tissue is pulled smooth and taut, and the abdominal muscles will hold the waist in a narrower shape.Think of your tummy tuck as a complement to a healthy lifestyle, or a kickstart- not a fat loss solution. Many patients find that it is easier to get in shape and stay that way after they have their surgery. This may occur for a few reasons. They feel motivated because they’ve invested significant finances and time into improving their body.They may also feel more physically comfortable working out as the excess skin won’t be chaffing or rubbing. Also, there’s incredible value in the confidence boost they get from wearing new clothes and not having to hide a belly. Gym clothes will fit better and look great which means after you’ve healed, you may feel inspired to get out and work out, more often.

Maintain Your New Shape

After your surgery, maintaining your results in the long term will take a little effort, but should soon become a regular, healthy lifestyle. Try to avoid sugary, processed snacks and high caloric intake. Eating smaller meals might be a natural shift for you while you’re recovering because your abdomen will feel tight and a little restricted under your compression garment. You can continue choosing smaller meal portions long after your abdominoplasty and be sure to move regularly to stay in shape.If you have questions about tummy tuck surgery or another cosmetic procedure, we’d be happy to schedule your private consultation with one of our expert plastic surgeons. Contact Edelstein Cosmetic today and let us help you reshape your life.




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