Can A Tummy Tuck Remove Stretch Marks On Hips?

Stretch marks are an all-too-real source of self-consciousness for many people, men and women alike. One of the most common places that people suffer from stretch marks is in and around their abdominal area, specifically on their hips and the area below their belly buttons. This is usually due to the way the skin stretches around the body to accommodate growth or weight gain, and can be especially common in women after pregnancy.

Stretch marks are notably difficult to fade and very commonly occur in larger amounts than just one or two small scars. As a result, many people try home remedies and methods to fade their stretch marks, usually to no avail. Cosmetic surgeons are often asked if having a tummy tuck will remove unwanted stretch marks from the hips? Realistically, the best answer is to recommend having a consultation with a surgeon. This way, the surgeon will be able to visually assess the location and extent of the stretch marks needing to be removed and advise as to whether or not they feel it is surgically possible. The reason being is that there are multiple methods for performing a tummy tuck and the location of the stretch marks needing to be removed will likely indicate whether or not one of the available procedures would be suitable.

Stretch marks on the hips are very difficult to remove, and often times surgeons deem it impossible and recommend alternative treatments to attempt to fade stretch marks in this area. This is usually because in order to remove stretch marks from the hips successfully, it is likely that a circumferential tummy tuck procedure would be required. A circumferential procedure involves an incision that nearly goes completely around the body. This would likely allow the surgeon to potentially remove unwanted stretch marks from the hips before closing the incision. Depending on the extent of the stretch marks, and the area they occupy, the surgeon may not be able to remove them at all, even with a circumferential tummy tuck procedure.

During a consultation, the surgeon may advise you that they won’t be able to remove the stretch marks from your hips, but still recommend a tummy tuck procedure to assist in fading the stretch marks. This is because by having a tummy tuck performed the remaining skin is stretched and repositioned, which usually makes remaining stretch marks and scars less visible.

Stretch marks located below the belly button, however, are much easier to remove during a tummy tuck procedure as opposed to those located on or around the hips. This is simply because stretch marks below the belly button are located in the area of excess skin that is usually removed by the surgeon during abdominoplasty.

The potential trade-off for patients looking to have stretch marks removed is that there is a remaining scar from the abdominoplasty procedure. The amount of scarring depends on the type and extent of the procedure performed coupled with the patient’s healing and genetics. Typically, patients will achieve optimal scar colour and healing within a maximum of two years post operatively.

It is always a good idea to contact a cosmetic surgeon and set up a consultation. During this consultation the surgeon can address your specific questions and concerns and recommend which procedure, if any, will be able to help you achieve the look you desire. The surgeons at Edelstein Cosmetic have the expertise and knowledge and would be more than happy to help you in obtaining your specific body contouring goals.




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