Can You Remove A C-Scar With A Tummy Tuck?

There is no doubt that a nine-month long pregnancy permanently changes a woman and her body. Some women are able to finish their pregnancy with smooth and unmarked skin while the majority of women have stretch marks, saggy skin and even surgical scars which can last a lifetime.

A C-section scar, or C-scar, is a common surgical scar found on postpartum women who have given birth via a caesarean section and it is a normal part of recovery. Naturally, women undergoing this recovery process want to ensure that the resulting surgical wounds heal properly and are minimized in appearance. C-scars are usually non-problematic as the horizontal incision is quite small – between four to six inches long. They heal very nicely as a faint line slightly above the pubic hair area. However, some women require assistance in managing their resulting C-scar and would like the help of our plastic surgeons.

One of the most common methods to minimizing the appearance of the C-scar is through a tummy tuck procedure, or abdominoplasty. This surgical procedure is also a great way for handling all the other issues that accompany a post-pregnancy body.

For example, the tummy tuck surgery is designed to correct for the loss of skin elasticity and to improve the firmness of the skin. The plastic surgeon will tighten the areas around the C-section scar to flatten any protruding skin, giving patients a more defined shape to their stomach and smoother, natural looking skin. Additionally, while removing the protruding elements of the skin, the plastic surgeon will work to balance scarring areas with the rest of the skin on the abdomen to provide a smoother and even, natural tone to the patient’s body, resulting in a minimized appearance of the C-scar.

Furthermore, the tummy tuck procedure can lead to improvements in posture for patients. Many women who have undergone a caesarean section have found major postural health issues that can be corrected with abdominoplasty. The procedure tightens the muscles that support the spine in the patient, giving greater strength for an upright posture.

Because of the advantages a tummy tuck procedure offers to post-pregnancy bodies, some women are eager to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and want to opt for a procedure called “C-tuck”. This is a tummy tuck surgery that immediately follows a caesarean section. Although it sounds ideal as it would only involve one round of anesthesia, one operating room and one period of recovery time, this is not recommended. Patients need adequate time to recover from a caesarean delivery before their body is ready for a major plastic surgery that is supposed to cut and sculpt their muscle, tissue, and skin.

Also, the body, abdominal skin, and uterus have been stretched extensively after a nine-month pregnancy, making it difficult for the surgeon to determine the amount of tightening needed, which could potentially lead to disappointing results.

The best time for a tummy tuck procedure after C-section is when you have returned to your original weight and are in good physical condition. This could take about six months since your body needs the time to stabilize after giving birth. It is also important to plan the tummy tuck procedure when you are no longer expecting to become pregnant again. A private consultation meeting with our certified plastic surgeons at Edelstein Cosmetic can help you determine when you are most suitable for a tummy tuck after pregnancy.




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