Is It Possible To Gain Weight In The Week Following A Toronto Tummy Tuck?

A Toronto tummy tuck procedure is widely sought by men and women who wishes to effectively correct their body contour. Also, commonly referred to as abdominoplasty, it is a surgery that is specifically designed for the permanent removal of excess skin in the abdomen and tightening of separated, weak abdominal muscles.

A tummy tuck surgery is often misunderstood as a weight loss surgery because of the drastic difference it creates in body physique, however, it is important to remember that it is not intended for weight loss. Rather, the most suitable candidates are those who are within close range of their ideal body weight. This is not to say that there are no fluctuations in weight as people who have undergone the procedure will notice that they have in fact lost weight. This is primarily because skin and fat weighs a certain amount and depending on how much excess skin and fat was removed from your body, you may or may not see a loss in weight.However, if you choose to weigh yourself immediately following a tummy tuck surgery, you may be puzzled by a sudden gain in weight.

So, is it possible to actually gain weight in the week following a Toronto tummy tuck surgery? Is it normal?

Well, first off, you should not be concerned with the scale! As mentioned, a tummy tuck is not intended for weight loss and so, the scale is irrelevant.Immediately following surgery, it is absolutely possible to see a gain in weight and it is completely normal due to several reasons. The first cause for this sudden increase in pounds is swelling, a common side effect of surgery. Your body has technically undergone a controlled trauma and will naturally respond with swelling and inflammation. Over time as you recover and your body heals, the swelling will subside and you will notice a gradual decrease in your weight. To help speed up this process, you should keep hydrated with fresh water, frequently urinate, reduce your salt intake, walk to increase circulation and wear your compression garment as instructed.The weight gain following surgery can also be partly explained by fluid shifts or “third-spaced” fluids. This refers to the imbalance of fluids within your cells, your blood vessels and your interstitial or “third-space”. To clarify, the interstitial is a non-functional space between all your cells. Right after your surgery, your body may experience “third-spacing”, where too much fluid is moving from the blood vessels and cells into the interstitial. Given adequate time, this will naturally correct itself.The third reason for this observed weight gain after a Toronto tummy tuck surgery is reduced bowel motility due to the combination of pain medications and lack of movement. If you are not regularly passing or are experiencing constipation, it is possible that you will see a slight increase in weight. Naturally, once your body returns to normal function, this will not be a problem.Finally, as you are recovering from your tummy tuck surgery, you are lounging around and eating. Without the permission to work out, it is possible to pack on a little bit of weight from all the rest and relaxation that you are doing. The best advice here is to eat a healthy, balanced diet to be careful not to gain too much weight, post-operatively.

In general, as your body recovers, you will notice that your weight is close to the ideal amount for you and your body type. If you have any particular concerns about your Toronto tummy tuck surgery, please feel free to reach out to Edelstein Cosmetic and speak with our medical staff. They can provide you with the expertise you need.




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