Is It Safe To Travel After My Tummy Tuck in Toronto?

People just like you travel to Toronto for tummy tuck procedures because they want to work with the best, board-certifiedplastic surgeons. This world-class city offers plenty to see and do which makes it an excellent destination; however, returning home is always top of mind when planning. How soon can you fly? Another common question is; after abdominoplasty, how soon will you be able to take a vacation? As you can imagine, there are some safety guidelines and restrictions to follow, but the exact timing for each patient depends on their surgeon, their health and their personal situation. Here we’ll elaborate on what you need to know and plan for if you wish to travel after your cosmetic procedure.

What Are The Travel Concerns?

Abdominoplasty surgery ( commonly known as a tummy tuck) Is one of the more extensive procedures people can choose to improve their body contours. Due to a relatively large incision on the lower abdomen, recovery requires a few weeks of relaxed, slower movement and avoidance of strain. The length of time to perform the procedure can vary between 2-4 hours under general anaesthetic. Because of the time asleep for the procedure and decreased mobility after, patients are at a slight risk for forming blood clots in the legs. Plastic surgeons take some precautionary measures to prevent this rare complication, beginning with pre-screening to reduce medication or medical risks, and then compression stockings and regular walking in the days after surgery. This approach significantly reduces blood clot risks as it keeps leg muscles and the entire circulatory system moving well.

Driving And Flying After Tummy Tuck in Toronto

Sitting still- whether in a car or plane- for long periods after surgery can elevate the chance of blood clot formation. As well, the cabinpressure changes on an aircraft may further raise therisk. Therefore, in the early days post-op, plastic surgeons will usually advise against long hours travelling or flying. A short trip by car with the ability to take breaks, stretch and walk, will be less concerning than a long flight. Roughly a week after surgery, short flights with appropriate compression garments may be permitted. Remember to travel with someone who can help you lift luggage as you’ll need to avoid lifting.
Each person’s individual health picture, details of their surgery and the nature of their travel will inform their Toronto tummy tuck surgeon’s advice. For instance, a person who is relatively young with no history or risk factors for blood clots will usually be free to fly sooner than someone over 40 who had clotting or DVT issues in the past or a lengthy surgery. You’ll see a wide variety of timelines and advice regarding travel from online sources because the safest plan for each person is quite personal.

What Will Your Post-Op Plans Involve?

Your plastic surgeon will want to see you in person for at least one or two in-person assessments after your procedure. When planning ahead, it’s best to consider the follow-up visits and stick around for a week or two at least. This way you’ll have all of your questions answered, pass through the highest risk phase and feel great before leaving. Once you’ve been given the all-clear, you and your surgeon can decide when you’re ready to travel. If you’re ready to discuss your personal transformation, the team at Edelstein Cosmetic will be happy to speak with you and arrange your private consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.




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