Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits After Tummy Tuck Or Liposuction

Congratulations on your new body! Whether you’ve had a tummy tuck or liposuction, you’ll be able to maintain your results with these great tips. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to keep your resolutions to eat healthy and nutritious food. If you’ve set goals to eat healthier then how do you achieve that goal?

Do you realize that doing something repeatedly, even if only for a few weeks, will cause it to become a habit of yours? It’s true!

Avoiding those tempting junk foods just takes a few simple techniques. Before you know it you will be making healthier decisions daily.TIPS TO AVOID TEMPTATION

Hunger – When it comes to eating are you hungry or are you just eating out of boredom? The key here is to find something else to do besides eating to pass the time.

Drink Water – Drinking water is important when it comes to being healthier. Water is good for your entire body. It can also help you not eat so much because it will make you feel full.

Change Your Energy Path – Instead of using all your energy to eating what you know you shouldn’t be eating, use that energy to exercise or to take a nice walk. Also do things that require you to use your hands like painting or gardening. This takes your mind off of eating.

Enjoy an Occasional Snack – Snack wisely by choosing fruit or popcorn without butter instead of those high fat candy bars or snack cakes. Be sure to have plenty of healthy snack options on hand so it’s readily available.

CHOOSING HEALTHY FOODSGoing to the grocery store is always an adventure since there’s so much temptation in every aisle. In order to stay on the healthy path use these tips:

No Preservatives – Preservatives are added to a lot of today’s foods so that they will last longer. By learning to read your nutrition and ingredient labels, you will easy be able to detect the foods that are full of preservatives. The key to eating healthy is to eat foods that only contain a handful of ingredients. Anything more than that means you’re eating stuff that isn’t good for your body.

Food Pyramids – Follow the food pyramid that is published by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This pyramid concentrates on healthier foods and limits the intake of sweets. Make your shopping list based on these guidelines.

Vegetables are Good – Having lots of vegetables on hand can help you to create healthy dishes like stir fry or salads. These dishes are often quick and better for you. Not to mention they taste good. Be sure to choose dark green or orange vegetables.

Fresh Fruit – Research which fruits are in season and at their peak of freshness. These are great for snacking and are also a great addition to smoothies.


Shop the Perimeter – Nutritionists constantly promote shopping in a circle; meaning the outer perimeter of the store. This is generally where you find fruits, vegetables, bread and even fish and meats. Normally your preservative based foods are found in the center of the store or even at the end of the aisles.

Shop Alone – When possible do not take your children to the store with you. It’s easy to buy lots of junk food with the kids around. This can derail you attempt to focus on healthier food options. In order to shop with your kids, teach them about healthy foods and traduce them to better options.

Always Have a List – A great method for eating and purchasing healthy foods is to have a shopping list prepared and only shop from that list. This way you avoid temptation.

Eating healthy takes time, dedication and determination. With a little work you can achieve your goal to eat healthier and to keep your body in great shape. Small changes can make a big difference. After a while choosing healthy foods will become natural for you and temptation will be a thing of the past.




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