Male Tummy Tuck

Men, like women, develop saggy skin, stretch marks and weakened abdominal muscles over time. Often this occurs as a result of frequent or dramatic changes in weight, but can also be caused by natural factors like genetics or the aging process. It is typical for men to see their body fat most apparent around the abdominal area and waist (unlike women, who tend to store their fat in their thighs and buttocks). By the time they reach middle age, this fat becomes more stubborn and cannot be eliminated with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle alone.
We are able to reduce the size of a protruding belly through a male tummy tuck. The procedure works by removing excess skin from the treatment area. Once the procedure has been completed, an improved abdominal contour becomes visible, with the stubborn excess tissue and skin having been removed. While a tummy tuck does tighten weak abdominal muscles if necessary, unlike women, men rarely require this. The tightening of abdominal muscles that have been weakened and stretched is most often performed on women who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth. Having said that, however, some men do have this part of a traditional tummy tuck performed (men who have experienced massive weight loss or have weakened muscles due to aging).

By adhering to a healthy lifestyle after recovery, the end result of male abdominoplasty is a flatter, tighter and better-looking stomach with an improved contour. Many men enjoy a substantial boost in their self confidence and self esteem when the benefits of their tummy tuck become apparent.

Tummy tucks aren’t meant to be a replacement for a healthy diet and active lifestyle. When these steps fail to provide men with the slim and fit look they desire, though, a male tummy tuck may be the best solution.

Obesity among adults is at an all-time high, with rates substantially higher than just a couple of decades ago. Patients who have achieved the majority of their weight loss goal through exercise and healthy eating may want to receive the treatment as a way to enjoy a kind of “finishing touch” to their hard work.

A male tummy tuck is best suited for a man who:

has found it to be more difficult to lose weight and tone their abdominal area

has experienced massive weight loss

dislikes the appearance of their mid-section despite following a healthy lifestyle and diet

has a genetic predisposition for storing abdominal fat




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