Pregnancy After A Tummy Tuck Procedure

Many female patients pose the question of whether or not childbirth is a good idea after an abdominoplasty procedure. More specifically, many are wondering whether or not pregnancy will negatively affect the results of their procedure and set back their progress. This is a complex question to answer, but the short answer is that you can most definitely have a child after a tummy tuck procedure, but it may alter the results of your procedure.

Many women are concerned that, since excess skin and tissue was removed during a tummy tuck procedure, the remaining tissue won’t be able to stretch to accommodate the growing baby should they get pregnant. However, rest assured that this is not the case. The remaining abdominal skin and tissue is quite capable of expanding to accommodate weight gain or growth, even a pregnancy.

That said, there are a few things to consider if you think pregnancy may be a possibility in your future, but also want an abdominoplasty procedure performed. It is worth mentioning that it would be ideal for you to be fully recovered from your procedure before considering getting pregnant and having a child, or more children. This is because a tummy tuck doesn’t only remove excess skin, it also involves repositioning the abdominal muscles, which would be further stretched and shifted by a pregnancy. This would be less than ideal considering there would be a chance these muscles wouldn’t return to as much of an aesthetically pleasing position. Typically, a full recovery post abdominoplasty can take anywhere from six months to a year. Even though many patients report returning to their normal activities well before this, the body requires a longer time to fully heal internally. Your surgeon will be able to give you a more specific time line in terms of your expected recovery time. Everyone heals differently and exact times also depend on the type of procedure performed based on your specific aesthetic goals.

Ultimately, you should have a discussion with your surgeon if you are considering getting pregnant shortly after your tummy-tuck procedure. Even if it may be a possibility for you down the road, it’s worth mentioning to your surgeon. Typically, surgeons will recommend waiting until you have finished having children before having an abdominoplasty procedure performed. This isn’t because you cannot have children after the operation, but rather because getting pregnant after the operation could adversely affect the results of the procedure you and your surgeon worked so hard towards. This may happen because, understandably, pregnancy stretches out the abdominal muscles, tissue, and skin. Each person experiences pregnancy differently, meaning that your surgeon won’t be able to predict how your body will heal post-partum. Some patients find that their bodies recover fully post-partum and are completely satisfied with their abdominal area and others may require a touch up procedure.

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