The Medical Benefits Of A Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks (also called abdominoplasty surgery) have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. And while the majority of patients undergo this procedure for cosmetic reasons, there are also several medical benefits to getting a tummy tuck as well.

The following is an outline of some of the medical benefits of this procedure.

Helps to reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension

Although significant obesity and diabetes are relative contraindications to having tummy tuck surgery, once a person loses weight they usually still have a lot of extra hanging tissue.  Removing this extra tissue has been shown to lessen insulin resistance (diabetes) and to bring down one’s blood pressure.

Tightens weak muscles and improves posture

Muscles in the stomach area can become distended as a result of multiple pregnancies or extreme weight loss, contributing to a distended ‘paunchy’ look.  When this happens, diet and exercise are often not enough to correct the problem.

Chronically weak abdominal muscles can lead to poor support for the spine.

A tummy tuck procedure can help by tightening those muscles that help to support the spine. Frequently, following a tummy tuck, patients will notice that it is easier for them to keep good posture, which benefits them further as they are likely to experience less back pain.

Ventral hernia correction

When part of the intestine or abdominal tissue protrudes through the abdominal wall, it forms a sack or pocket called a ventral hernia. If the sack protrudes specifically through the belly-button, it is called an umbilical hernia.  Reasons why a person might develop a ventral or umbilical hernia include extreme weight loss, pregnancy, as well as surgical procedures on the abdomen such as a C-section.

Once a patient has this condition, it is very easy for them to develop it again due to a weakened abdominal wall.

Often when a surgeon is going to perform a surgical hernia repair, they will also recommend doing an abdominoplasty at the same time. This will help to strengthen the muscles and reduce the chances of another hernia occurring.

Are the medical benefits worth it?

Abdominoplasty is major surgery and therefore has risks associated with it. A typical tummy tuck can last up to four hours and can remove as much as ten pounds of tissue. As with any surgery, patients need to speak with their doctor and understand the risks before making their decision.

That being said however, many find the medical benefits that a tummy tuck can provide to be very appealing. If you are considering any type of cosmetic surgery, you should discuss your options in detail with your surgeon. And if you have goals that are non-cosmetic, you should let him know about those as well. That way, he can examine you and let you know whether he believes if a tummy tuck will produce medical benefits for you.

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