Top 5 Differences Between a Tummy Tuck & Mini Tummy Tuck in Toronto

Choosing to undergo a body reshaping cosmetic procedure is exciting,and if you’ve begun planning a Toronto tummy tuck , you’ll likely come across at least two versions of it. We’ll compare the most common techniques with more detail to help you envision which option may better suit you. Ultimately, the best way to know which method will help you reach your goals is to schedule an in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon who specializes in this type of surgery.

At Edelstein Cosmetic, we frequently perform both mini abdominoplasty and the standard, full abdominoplasty procedure. Here are 5 key differences between them:

1. A mini tummy tuck is sometimes called “scarless.” There will be a small amount of skin removed just below the underwear line and a resulting scar, but it is often shorter than that required for a full abdominoplasty. A standard tuck utilizes a scar that runs from hip to hip to remove an adequate amount of skin and create the smooth, new tummy contour.

2. Muscle repair: Muscle separation or fat pockets can be corrected through a mini tummy tuck in Toronto, but only thosewhich present below the umbilicus. No cosmetic issues above the belly button are changed using this technique which means a significant rectus diastasis- common after childbirth- usually necessitates a floating or full abdominoplastyto correct it fully.

3. Belly button repair: The mini tuck is ideal for people who have just lower belly concerns. A stretched, belly button requiring reconstruction is best helped with a full tuck which allows for a complete repair.

4. Cost: The mini-abdominoplasty can be very useful for the right candidate,but since it is less invasive and creates less dramatic changes, the cost will be lower. The average price for a mini is just under $8,000 while a full procedure will be $10,000+ on average.

5. Recovery time: As you may have guessed, the surgery time and recovery time is a bit shorter for those undergoing a mini tummy tuck. Don’t let this dissuade you from considering the most appropriate approach for rejuvenating your midsection, however. The amount of time off work and restricted from strenuous activity is a week or two longer for a standard tummy tuck, but the more complete transformation and extensive repair that can be achieved make it wellworth it for many patients. The best way to compare your Toronto tummy tuck options and choose the best one for you is to meet with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal in person at Edelstein Cosmetic. We’ll be happy to walk you through your choices and help you reach your aesthetic goals.




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