Toronto Tummy Tuck – After The Surgery

In Toronto, tummy tuck planning often involves plenty of online research, consultations,and pre-planning before the big day. Great care is taken to review results photos, read reviews and select the best plastic surgeon for the job. These elements of preparation are critical, but knowing what to expect afterward is just as integral to your well-being and ensuring a great outcome. We’ve compiled a summary of what to expect from an abdominoplasty recovery so you can be confident you’re ready to go.

What Will You Feel Like Right After Your Toronto Tummy Tuck?

When waking from general anaesthesia, you’ll be in a recovery room near the OR and have a nurse with you. Some people feel dizzy for a little while as the medication effects clear. The nurse will give you water, pain medication, and an antinauseant if needed. When you’re fully awake and stable, you’ll be free to go home. You must have an adult family member or friend with you to ensure that you get back safely and have everything you need to be comfortable. You cannot drive after anaesthetic or as long as you are taking narcotic pain medication.

Once You Get Home

You’ll be provided with the date and time for your next follow up appointment. Until then, you get to relax and take it easy. It’s recommended that busy people and parents have child and pet care arranged for at least a week so that they can recover without strain or stress. You’ll not be allowed to pick up children or perform any strenuous tasks for at least the first three weeks.
Walk slowly but steadily. After any surgery, regular leg use will help reduce the risk for blood clots. It will also assist with keeping you regular and because pain medication can lead to constipation, plenty of water and walking will be essential to prevent discomfort.
Take your medications as prescribed. You may have the option of anti-nauseants or stool softeners that are not necessary, but an antibiotic is critical for reducing your risk of infection. The pain medication should also be taken, even if you think you don’t need it much. Sometimes people decline to take pain medication until discomfort becomes severe, but by then it takes a long time for pills to take effect and make them comfortable again. Count on pharmaceutical help for at least one week then ease off as your doctor advises you. Take care of your incisions. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid swimming pools or baths until your incision heals. While showers will be ok after a couple of days, total immersion in any water can lead to infection and will also slow healing. You’ll be advised to pat the area dry and keep the compression binder you’re given snugly in place after showering.Swelling may last many months after a tummy tuck in Toronto. While the majority of bruising or inflammation resolves in the first 10-14 days, there can be longer term ‘puffiness’ that takes time to leave the body. Try to be patient as your new shape slowly emerges and expect to see completed results closer to 6 months.




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