Toronto Tummy Tuck Flattens And Firms Your Stomach

Have you been wondering what a tummy tuck in Toronto can do for you? This popular cosmetic procedure is becoming more common each day as men and women realize what it can do for them. Read on to find out how an abdominoplasty can flatten and smooth away your tummy problems.

What Causes A Big Belly?

People often refer to their protruding abdomen as their, “stomach,” but in reality, it’s not the digestive organ itself causing the belly bulge. For those who are relatively healthy and in otherwise good shape, the problem could be related to a condition known as diastasis recti. Most common in post-partum women, the separation of muscles occurs because great internal pressure stretches the abdomen walls apart for nine months during pregnancy, and they can’t retract on their own. There is a thin, plastic-like covering over your muscles, across the anterior abdomen, and this sheet can become permanently stretched. That’s why even when a person works out regularly to strengthen the ‘abs’ they may still see a persistent pouch. The abdominal contents push out on this lax space. In these cases, it’s not ‘fat’ inside the midsection causing a thick middle, but rather a lack of secure, strong muscle positioning to hold everything in. Luckily, the solution is a simple suturing technique commonly performed with a standard tummy tuck in Toronto.

How Is Muscle Separation Corrected During A Toronto Tummy Tuck?

Diastasis repair can help to slim and flatten the waistline. Sutures running from the lower sternum to the top of the pelvis pull the waist together like a corset and provide additional support for the posture as well. Through a horizontal incision just below the bikini line, your plastic surgeon can access the muscle layer just under the skin to do their work. People who don’t have a diastasis recti can have a standard tummy tuck without muscle repair.

How Is The Tummy Skin Tightened?

Once internal reinforcementis complete, the skin will be pulled downward, andextra tissue can be removed from the bottom. Once pulled tight and reconnected with internal sutures, a new belly button opening is created,andthe umbilicus reconstruction is carried out. The amount of tightening and additional liposuction done in the abdomen will depend on the individual patient and their overall proportions and goals. Your surgeon will aim to help you look your personal best with body areas in harmony, firm and youthful.If you’ve done everything you can to get in shape and your tummy is a frequent source of frustration, don’t lose hope. There are different types of tummy tuck surgery along with additional cosmetic procedures to help people of all ages and types get the look they want. While abdominoplasty is not a weight loss method, it does allow many people to progress through the final stages after diligent work to reshape their body. If you’re within range of your ideal body weight, medically stable and ready to talk about surgical options, contact Edelstein Cosmetic today. We’ll be happy to schedule your consultation and answer questions.




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