Tummy Tuck Consultation – Must Ask Questions

When you’ve decided you are ready to slim your waist, flatten your tummy and get rid of flab with a Tummy Tuck, the most important first step you can take will be scheduling an in-person consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in this procedure. During your consultation, there will be several important questions you can ask to ensure that you are well-informed and prepared.

First, is your Plastic Surgeon board certified? Patients who choose a board certified plastic surgeon can rest assured that their surgeon has met a number of high standards regarding clinical experience, ethical training, and education in their chosen field and they’ve undergone strict examination and testing in these areas. They should also perform surgical procedures at fully accredited surgical facilities. In order for a facility to be accredited, it must be appropriately equipped and staffed with medical professionals who have suitable qualifications and be approved by a nationally recognized organization.

Second, based on your physical examination, your stated goals, your health, and expectations from surgery – is a Tummy Tuck right for you? Your Plastic Surgeon should be able to confirm this or explain why it may not be at this time. Your body weight, your lifestyle, or plans related to childbirth could mean that this isn’t the right time for you. As well, you may have concerns which could be solved with liposuction or other treatments. Your Plastic Surgeon should be honest with you regarding whether a tummy tuck can deliver the results you want.

A Third great question is: how many Tummy Tucks do you perform each year? This number will vary but you should select a surgeon who performs this procedure regularly. You’ve seen before and after pictures and you note the differences in results. There is artistry to a great tummy tuck and consistent balance, incision placement etc. comes with practice and familiarity. Ask to see photo examples of your surgeon’s work in this area.

Fourth question: What specific components will my tummy tuck involve? Specifically, will I have liposuction as part of my procedure, and where? Your plastic surgeon should be able to outline for you the skin which will be removed, the extent of muscle repair, belly button, incision placement, and length. Not all plastic surgeons include liposuction with a standard abdominoplasty and not all people require it. Depending on whether you have a full or mini tuck, the possibilities are different. Also, ask if you should expect to have drains for a time after surgery.

Last but not least, what plans are in place for my recovery? You will want to have a good understanding about post op appointments, what protocol your surgeon has for pain management, and how can you reach them if you have an emergency or questions following your procedure. Be sure that your surgeon fully explains and prepares you for the recovery process so that you’ll be able to plan for time off work and a break from your regular activities.

Other important questions to have answered, such as total costs involved, related risks, detailed pre and post op care instructions, and specific scheduling, will typically be reviewed once you’ve decided to proceed with the booking. Never hesitate to ask questions as this ensures your safety and ultimately, your satisfaction with your Tummy Tuck experience.




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