Tummy Tuck in Toronto – 7 Tips That Are Essential For Your Recovery

Planning for your cosmetic surgery is exciting. Many people are so eager to see their slim, new look that they underestimate the importance of planning and using a checklist to ensure the best possible results. All abdominoplasties are not created equal. In Toronto, tummy tuck surgery is performed by qualified surgeons, but it’s the expert, highly experienced and specialized tummy tuck plastic surgeon that you’ll want to trust your safety and appearance to. The following seven tips are critical to your safety and satisfaction.

Select A Royal College Certified Plastic Surgeon, Who Is Renowned For Tummy Tucks

A good surgeon can remove extra skin, stitch up muscles and perform some liposuction, but there is no guarantee of keen attention to artistic detail and aesthetics. A plastic surgeon who specializes in only a few areas and performs many abdominoplasties per year will have the next level of expertise you want. They should be board certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and have plenty of examples of their work to show you consistent, beautiful results. This is a one-time investment in yourself, and it’s well worth choosing the best practitioner you can.

Be Realistic

A tummy tuck in Toronto can restore your youthful silhouette, shrink your waist and help you feel confident again. Perfection is never a realistic goal though. The addition of a surgical scar and the restrictions or discomfort during recovery can’t be avoided. Expect to feel sore and move slowly for the first week or two. You won’t likely feel social, able to do housework, run errands or keep to your usual fitness routine in the immediate post-op phase.Some people don’t expect to feel any pain or discomfort, so they’re frustrated or anxious while healing. You’ll be provided with a long-acting anaesthetic, prescription pain medication, detailed instructions to keep you comfortable; however, a realistic set of expectations will go a long way toward making your recovery a good one.

Don’t Stay In Bed

It’s true you’ll be advised to avoid cardio and other strenuous activity for roughly 3-6 weeks. However, it’s not only helpful to walk around right away- you’ll feel much better if you do. Slow walking while slightly bent at the waist will help keep you regular, ease muscle stiffness and ensure adequate circulation. Your plastic surgeon will ask you to move your legs regularly in the first few days because this decreases blood clot risks. If you lay in bed, try pumping your legs and rotating your ankles every hour or so.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Much

The good news is, lots of Toronto tummy tuck patients feel well enough after surgery that they do want to run errands, walk long distances or go back to work, but this can lead to over-exertion. You’ll be asked to avoid aerobic activity specifically because it increases swelling and a risk of bleeding. While it’s tempting to pick up a vacuum or get groceries, this is the ideal time to enlist friends and family for help.It’s not worth prolonging your recovery or compromising your results, so follow your surgeon’s instructions no matter how you feel. We promise, the time will pass quickly, and you’ll enjoy the results sooner than you think.

Wear Your Compression Garment

For the same reasons, wear your binder or garment as you’re advised. It may not feel like it’s doing much but the consistent pressure, when worn properly, will speed up recovery and reduce complication risks.

Take More Than Enough Time Off Work

This is one that people often miss-guess. It’s hard for busy people to take time away from work or childcare, but if you try to fit a full recovery into just one week, you’ll regret it. Two weeks minimum is standard, and three is even better. It may be a sacrifice in the short term but pushing yourself to return before you feel fully ready can drag out discomfort, swelling and other issues. Everyone heals differently so while two weeks may be entirely adequate, it’s hard to know until you’re there. Extra is always better.

Be Patient!

Recovery from cosmetic surgery can be emotionally stressful. Feeling physically different while altering your lifestyle may leave you frustrated.  Abdominoplasty requires quite a lot of patience because the residual swelling might linger in the abdomen for several months. You’ll see fast, dramatic changes in the first weeks, but the phase after that is a long one.To most people, you’ll look great, but you may continue to experience sensations like tightness, tingling and slight swelling until month six. At Edelstein Cosmetic, we see patients in person throughout their recovery to assess and encourage. You can always reach a nurse or your surgeon if you have any concerns while healing.

Patients who plan for a long recovery process are often the most satisfied because they enjoy each new phase of their shape being revealed, rather than focusing on the time. Your figure transformation is well worth the wait. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or schedule a consultation with one of our expert surgeons.




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