Tummy Tuck in Toronto: How to Look At Before & After Photos

Plastic surgery ‘before and after’ photos can be either inspiring or just plain disturbing. When you begin planning your own tummy tuck in Toronto, like many other people, you’ll probably start with viewing as many pictures as you can of patients online. Given the wide variety of body types, surgeons and techniques, you might have trouble narrowing down which photos are most useful to you and can help with your planning process.

We’re going to offer some helpful tips to use when viewing these pictures, including what to look for and what to avoid.

Look at your preferred surgeon’s photos

While it can be fun and fascinating to view pictures from around the world, if you’re seeking a tummy tuck in Toronto, we recommend that you choose a few experts in your area and focus on their work. You’ll be assessing the continuity and quality of their results when you look at the examples on their website or provided in their office.

Limit yourself to just these photos

When you’re planning an abdominoplasty, it’s helpful to know that there are different styles and methods available for the procedure. Their complexity and effects will be different. The photos should list surgical specifics that include the tummy tuck type. For instance; mini versus full abdominoplasty.

You should stick to viewing those patients who’s before photos somewhat resemble you now. If you see an excellent result you like, but the pre-photo shows a person of another size, or with less excess skin than you, you can’t expect their particular result. Your abdominoplasty will help to sculpt and smooth your abdomen, but it is not a weight loss tool, and each person’s procedure must be customized to their needs.

Try to find before and after Toronto tummy tuck photos that show pre-patients with your general body shape and size, your amount of skin sagging, and other characteristics. It will be much easier to view and imagine your results when looking at the ones achieved by these patients.

Note* It’s also helpful at this point to note the characteristics of finished work that don’t appeal to you. If you can print these to bring with you at the time of consultation, it may be helpful to assist communication.

Pay attention to changes in lighting

Unfortunately, not everyone is honest or presents the complete picture—so to speak. When viewing before and after photos, there are a few red flags to watch for that could indicate unreliable results.

One sign is if the lighting in the first picture is normal or darker and shadowy, casting an unflattering light, then the second photo is brightly lit or overexposed. This effect can minimize scarring and hide other flaws to make a post-photo look better.

Another flag is seeing the second photos at the most slimming angle or blurrier than the first. The patient pictures should be taken from the same distance, with the same lighting and preferably, with patients in the same positions. There will always be a little natural variance, but if you think the differences are dramatic and deliberate, you might not be able to rely on them.

Book as many consultations as you need

It can be helpful to see a few qualified plastic surgeons in your area to compare notes. You may be impressed with aspects of service and qualifications for each, but the one whose patient photos appeal to you, along with their bedside manner, communication and experience level, could be the best choice. Pictures are essential, but they’re not the only deciding factor when selecting a tummy tuck surgeon.

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