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Tummy Tuck Toronto: 6 Things You Need To Know Before Working Out Post-Op

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

One of the top reasons patients choose a tummy tuck in Toronto is to slim and redefine their waistline. When people work hard to shed weight and transform their shape, the abdominoplasty procedure can often be a dramatic final touch. Post-operatively, you may be eager to continue sculpting, and toning your new shape through fitness training. While most surgeons recommend an active lifestyle after surgery, it’s important not to jump back into workouts too quickly.

Your surgeon will recommend a personalized physical activity schedule for you to follow. However, we’ve also come up with a list of general guidelines to help you understand how exercise fits with your body’s healing process. Follow these tips, and you should be back to your full fitness routine before you know it.

Take It To Slow Immediately After Surgery

Right after tummy tuck in Toronto, even people who are physically fit need support with some tasks. Most tummy tucks involve tightening the abdominal muscles so that repositioning will be challenging for the first few days. You’re encouraged to move your legs with slow, light walking, but have someone with you to support you if you feel unsteady. As the days pass, you should feel strong enough to begin short walks in your neighborhood.

Incorporate Cardiovascular After A Few Weeks

After 1-2 weeks, most people can gently straighten up, and lay flat or stand without bending in the middle. It’s usually around the 3-week mark that patients can resume light cardio. Check with your plastic surgeon, as each person’s recovery and situation will be unique to them. You won’t want to engage your core muscles this early on, so choose activities like walking, stationary cycling, or the elliptical.

Strength Training

You may be able to perform exercises with light weights to strengthen your upper body and legs between 4-6 weeks, but you’ll be reminded to stay away from activities directly strenuous for your abdomen. Don’t try to lift heavy weights as this puts significant pressure on those ab muscles. As well, crunches, planks, sit-ups and some yoga poses will have to wait until your abdomen is healed and strong.

When To Tone Those Abs

Six weeks into your recovery, your surgeon may advise you to include activities like Pilates or yoga. They might also recommend that you work with a personal trainer to ensure you are gaining strength without hindering your recovery. Your nerves will continue to recuperate, and a sensation of tightness can persist in the belly for many months, so don’t expect to hit your old routines at full force yet.

Resuming Your Regular Workout Routine

You won’t likely have any physical restrictions after the 6-8-week mark, because your incisions and tissue will be completely healed.  If your doctor says you can perform abdominal exercises, you should start with low repetitions and slowly increase over time. Listen to your body throughout and set reasonable goals for yourself.

Above All, Listen To Your Surgeon

To achieve the best results, it’s critical to stick to your surgeon’s advice. Your journey towards a toned waistline can start with a simple consultation. If you’re considering a tummy tuck in Toronto, Dr. Jerome Edelstein and Dr. Kunaal Jindal would be pleased to speak with you. We work individually with each patient to design an exercise schedule that matches your level and goals.

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