Will Your Toronto Tummy Tuck Results Be Permanent?

If you are considering making the physical and financial investment involved in the procedure, it is only natural to wonder if the results will be permanent. Many patients exploring the idea of a tummy tuck in Toronto are curious to know what the long-term effectiveness of the procedure is.

When it comes to the results from the procedure, the short answer is that, yes, the results are expected to be permanent. However, maintaining the results largely depends on choices made after the surgery, particularly when it comes to lifestyle and diet.To understand why your choices play such an important role in upholding the results from the procedure, it is important to understand how it actually works.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a weight loss procedure. Rather, it is a body contouring procedure, designed to repair separated abdominal muscles and improve sagging skin and fat.Sagging skin and fat in the lower abdominal area are extremely common among women after pregnancy, as well as among those who have recently lost a large amount of weight. Undergoing the procedure after pregnancy or weight loss can help remove excess skin and fat and restore a flatter tummy.Once you have achieved a slimmer, more contoured look as a result of your procedure, the single most effective way to prolong the results is to maintain a consistent weight. If there are considerable fluctuations in weight following the procedure, there is a risk that the skin will re-stretch and fat will return to the abdominal area.Another key way to ensure that your Toronto tummy tuck results will be permanent, is to play close attention to the aftercare instructions provided by your plastic surgeon, especially when it comes to restrictions. For instance, until the incisions are healed, it is advised to avoid hot tubs, swimming and baths to reduce the risk of developing an infection.Following the surgery, many patients are also advised to use a compression garment for around six weeks in order to promote better healing and minimize swelling. It is extremely important to adhere to your surgeon’s guidelines if you want to achieve the most optimal and long lasting results possible.To further minimize swelling and fluid buildup, avoiding strenuous activity and heavy lifting are also highly recommended until you have healed sufficiently. However, once your surgeon gives you the green light, sticking to a regular workout regimen with cardio with help prevent weight gain and preserve the results of your surgery as well.A good way to look at a tummy tuck is as a means to ‘reset’ the clock on the appearance of your tummy. However, once the clock has been reset, the onus is in the hands of the patient to take the necessary steps to ensure that the results are permanent.If you are considering a tummy tuck in Toronto, Edelstein Cosmetic offers some of the best cosmetic procedures in the GTA.

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