Six Surprising Ways to Use Botox

Did you know that Botox can be used for other reasons, besides simply reducing or eliminating wrinkles? It’s true – there are a myriad of purposes for which you might use Botox, as its method of reducing wrinkles also happens to have some unique and surprising effects on the body.

The medical field is constantly discovering new and exciting uses for Botox, and are always stunned by the results of their research.

Stopping Facial Spasms

Facial spasms are a remarkably common issue – people who have uncontrolled twitching in the muscles around their eyes find that they blink too often or not enough, causing irritation in the eyes. There haven’t been too many reliable solutions for people with facial twitches… that is, until Botox. Regular injections of Botox allows patients with facial twitching to get a reprieve from the constant annoyance.

The FDA has actually confirmed that Botox will treat neck muscles spasms as well as upper-arms spasms, which is a huge leap for the medical community as well as patients with chronic spasms.

Reducing or Eliminating Migraines

Migraines plague a great many people across the world, and many people have migraines that are not eliminated by medication. Botox has been shown to help many people with chronic migraines, which is a welcome discovery for those who suffer through the pain on a daily basis.

Solving Oily Skin

Oily skin plagues many people, but for some oily skin is a medical condition that controls their lives – for those people, Botox can help. Oddly enough, many doctors have started using Botox as an effective treatment against chronically oily skin, providing an option for folks who have found that topical products yielded little results.

Reduction in Sweating

For those who suffer from a huge amount of sweat, or sweat from strange places on their bodies, Botox offers relief. Studies have shown that Botox injections directly into areas that sweat profusely have actually been just as effective as painful surgeries. People who sweat too much didn’t have many non-surgical options prior to Botox treatments, so this is a welcome discovery for both doctors and patients.

Help With Incontinence

When Botox is injected directly into the bladder muscle, it turns out that the injection can actually help with a myriad of bladder issues. The bladder issues it helps includes incontinence, weakness, over-activity, and general leakage.

Easing Depression

As strange as it may seem, doctors are discovering that Botox can be a truly effective method for managing major depression. This surprising use of Botox is one that baffles people the most, but the principles behind may be fairly simple.

A study in Germany found that, because Botox “freezes” the facial muscles, it interrupts a key component in expressing negative emotions that are often bundled with depression. This “confuses” the brain, making it believe that it is not, in fact, depressed… which, in turn, causes the body to start releasing a more normal level of chemicals. Scientists aren’t in agreement about why Botox eases major depression, but more studies are being conducted to discover the cause.




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