The Do’s and Don’ts After Your Tummy Tuck in Toronto

If you’re like most of our Toronto tummy tuck patients, you’ve done plenty of independent research, and you might be swimming in instructions and ‘need-to-know’ preparation tips before your procedure. At Edelstein Cosmetic, we provide extensive details and instructions to our patients at their pre-operative appointments, so they’re ready for the big day and recovery that follows.

Sometimes it’s helpful to see instructions in point form, simplified to ‘do’s and don’ts’.

Here’s A Straightforward “Don’t’ List

  • Don’t do the laundry
  • Don’t clean the house (Dust bunnies can wait)
  • Don’t redecorate or move furniture
  • Don’t go grocery shopping (at least not for the first two weeks; ask for help)
  • Don’t bend completely over
  • Don’t lift anything over 10lbs
  • Don’t try on new, slim clothes yet
  • Don’t weigh or measure yourself (Retaining water weight will make you feel heavy for a little while)
  • Don’t try to work out (Just light walking)
  • Don’t try to stand completely straight or lay flat (Stay bent at the waist for minimum 1 week)
  • Don’t stay in bed all day
  • Don’t eat a lot of salt or soda (Feeling bloated can be uncomfortable after a Tummy tuck in Toronto

Don’t listen to criticism or naysayers – Some friends or family might not understand your choice to have a tummy tuck. They may also give you advice that has you worried unnecessarily. Be sure to take all questions and concerns to your plastic surgeon. They’re happy to help and make your recovery smoother.

DO This After Your Toronto Tummy Tuck

  • Take your antibiotics and take the pain medication too (Don’t wait until you’re super uncomfortable)
  • Drink water and eat fibre
  • Take more than enough time off work (Rushing back is not easy and might slow down recovery)
  • Walk short distances, slowly, regularly
  • Let friends and family help you out
  • Do tell your surgeon or someone you trust if you feel frustrated or depressed (It’s normal)
  • Promise yourself you won’t judge your ‘results’ for many months
  • Massage your abdomen lightly with fingertips or a soft paint roller
  • Wear your compression garment nice and tight, regularly
  • Sleep in a fetal position bent at the waist and knees
  • Change position regularly- not sitting up straight for long periods
  • Keep your incisions clean and stay out of the bath, hot tub or swimming pool
  • Binge on Netflix or favourite books (enjoy your staycation)
  • Get outside and visit with friends
  • Protect incisions and eventual scars from the sun
  • Contact your plastic surgeon’s office with questions or to let them know about any concerns
  • Remember, recovery happens in stages, and your body will take a while to adjust

We hope this list of do’s and don’ts helps you remember the important things. There are specific instructions you’ll need to follow directly from your plastic surgeon and when in doubt, always ask, just to be on the safe side. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon at Edelstein Cosmetic, we welcome you to contact us today.




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