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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

New Year, new…oh, no, here comes that cliché again. Each January millions of people just like you make plans to do things differently, get healthy, look better and feel “new.” Some go so far as to take steps. Studies seem to show that those who write down goals, then make specific choices, have a much higher chance of getting where they want to be. What would that look like for you? A tummy tuck in Toronto will change the lives of many people who’ve finally decided to take measurable steps this year. We’ll explain how.

How Can A Toronto Tummy Tuck Transform Your Figure?

For mothers who’ve carried one or more large pregnancies, or people who’ve done the hard work of shedding significant weight, there often remains a frustrating problem. That’s because diet and exercise can only do so much. They can’t tighten up stretched skin left sagging, or rolls. Exercise can strengthen abdominal muscles, but can’t pull them closer together, and sometimes pregnancy results in diastasis recti – muscles permanently spread apart. The look of hanging skin or protruding belly related to muscle separation can only be repaired effectively with abdominoplasty surgery.Expert body contouring plastic surgeons use this approach to trim away the redundant skin, reconstruct the belly button, remove stubborn fat pockets and tighten up the abdominal muscles for a slimmer waistline. This cosmetic surgery can do in 3-4 hours what no workout, nutritional plan or slimming girdle could ever do because it thoroughly removes the problem fat and skin. You’ll need a little time off work with, roughly 2-3 weeks to recover, then you will see your new shape revealed after a few months.

Why Could A Toronto Tummy Tuck Be The Best Gift You Give Yourself This Year?

The holidays are over, but we think it’s time to give yourself a gift you could really use. Let’s face it, sticking to a routine designed to improve your body can be tough, but the extra motivation our tummy tuck patients get is invaluable. Once the cumbersome and embarrassing excess skin is gone, the gym clothes fit, you can wear tight clothes, hit the beach, stop worrying about your belly so much and really focus on your health.

For many people with abdominal diastasis, the protruding belly not only makes them self conscious, but can make working out uncomfortable and impractical. Lots of people need some help once they get to the point where you are. When you’re ready to take a bold step and make a dramatic change you’ll appreciate for years to come, we welcome you to contact us at Edelstein Cosmetic. While the weather is still cold and you’re bundled up under winter layers, why not consider a procedure that will move you quickly toward your goal and start the New Year with a new you?

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