Questions You Need to Ask at The Consultation for Your Mommy Makeover in Toronto

Have you finally booked your Toronto mommy makeover consultation? The excitement of planning can also lead to forgetting some important questions when you’re on the spot. Many people find it handy to write down a few of the more essential items and be ready to ask your chosen plastic surgeon when you meet them.

We think these 6 questions are key and answering them will give you peace of mind.

Ask your surgeon; am I a good candidate?

Not everyone who is interested in a Toronto mommy makeover would benefit from one. It’s essential to be examined by a plastic surgeon in person, then ask that critical question before proceeding. They’ll likely have some great questions for you first, including:

Do you plan to become pregnant in the future?
How long ago did you give birth to your last child?
Are you breastfeeding currently?
What are your aesthetic goals?

Your plastic surgeon will also ask you about general health and medical history. If you take prescription medications, have a medical condition or take supplements, you’ll need to fill them in on all of it.

Ask: Which procedures should my Toronto mommy makeover include?

When you choose a surgeon who is renowned for their expertise in this area, you’ll want their personal opinion about the interventions you can benefit from the most. You may have an idea of what you want, but they’ll explain the pros and cons of each technique and why you may or may not want a specific procedure. Together you can look at photo examples and discuss what each method might achieve for you.
Commonly, patients combine a breast enhancement, tummy tuck and possibly liposuction or a labiaplasty as well.

Ask: Where will my incisions be?

Some patients forget to ask this, but then the mystery is a source of confusion or worry. Ask your surgeon where the tummy and breast incisions will be and how they’ll advise you to help heal the scars as beautifully as possible.

Ask: Do I need implants, a lift, or both?

When it comes to breast procedures, some people believe they need implants when in fact they need a mastopexy (breast lift), and the opposite is true as well. The two procedures can be combined in an augmentation-mastopexy. It’s essential to let your surgeon guide you on this because once you’ve explained your target ‘look’ they’ll be able to predict, based on your measurements and examination, which enhancements will deliver what you want.

Ask: what can I expect from my recovery?

You’ll need to plan time off and arrange for help at home. The time off advised could range from 2- 3 weeks, but your own makeover will determine what you need to help you heal well. It’s essential to know and follow post-op restrictions and instructions. Depending on your job and regular daily activities, your surgeon can tell you what to avoid and for how long so that you’re ready and confident about the process.

As you can imagine, there are many more great questions you could come up with to add onto this list. Rest assured, your surgeon won’t mind at all so make your list and trust they want you to feel fully informed. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation, we welcome you to contact Edelstein Cosmetic.In Toronto, mommy makeover procedures are the ultimate answer to post-baby body issues. A woman’s belly and breasts will go through dramatic changes during and after pregnancy. Miraculously, stretched and shifted tissue will significantly bounce back in time, but common problems remain for many moms after giving birth.

A mommy makeover is a familiar name for a combination of cosmetic surgeries that reshape the tummy, breasts and other areas, all at once. It stands to reason that if a person has multiple surgeries, they may have a lengthier recovery. On the other hand, it can be much more convenient than to recover from procedures separately. If you’re planning your own makeover, you’re likely curious to know exactly what the downtime will be like.

Toronto Mommy Makeover Recovery

Every person’s body and healing time is unique to them so averages can be given, but not specifics. The good news is, most patients describe the discomfort they experience while healing as tight and achy, more so than painful. You’ll have strong pain medication to take for the immediate post-op phase, and long-acting anaesthetic in your tissues to prevent intense pain in the first day or two.

Week 1

If you’ve had a tummy tuck and breast surgery, you can expect:

  • Tight, swollen skin in the treatment areas
  • Minor bruising
  • Numbness or tingling in some areas
  • Temporary dizziness after general anaesthetic

You’ll be instructed to walk around slowly but regularly, which helps minimize the risk of blood clots. You’ll need to stay bent over slightly at the waist and avoid sitting or standing up straight.

Try to rest and have someone help you with preparing meals and household tasks. You may need assistance with your compression garment or washing. You’ll have a follow-up appointment booked at roughly one week, and your surgeon will give you ongoing instructions. Refrain from lifting anything over 10lbs and schedule at least a couple weeks off work.

2-4 Weeks Post Op

As you heal and nerves repair, you may begin to feel some strange sensations like itching, tingling, electric or prickly feelings. You’ll still feel tight, but the swelling will be decreasing, and bruising should be cleared up after 2 weeks. You can begin to stand straighter, and you’ll feel more mobile. Most people discontinue strong pain medication after the first week. You’ll still have activity restrictions such as no aerobic exercise or heavy lifting. Your compression garment will need to be in place tightly for another few weeks.

6 Weeks After Mommy Makeover in Toronto

You won’t feel completely healed yet, but 6 weeks is a good milestone. You’ll be allowed to go without the compression garment, start working out again, and ease back into lifting and carrying things as usual. Swelling often persists in the tissues for at least a few more months. The abdomen may show a little puffiness over the incision line, and you may still feel a tight sensation, but it shouldn’t limit you from functioning normally. You’ll be advised to take care of your scars using sun protection and possibly silicone sheeting.

6 Months After

By this point your scars should be faint, your swelling almost entirely gone, and you’ll be enjoying your new figure. Because each patient’s body is a little different, you might not feel completely finished by 6 months, but rest assured you’re nearly done. Scars continue to mature over the first year and nerves will still be regenerating so any residual numbness will usually resolve over time too.

If you have questions about the procedure, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Edelstein Cosmetic to book your consultation today.




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