After A Toronto Breast Augmentation, How Long Will It Take Your Breasts To Drop And Fluff?

Have you been researching your Toronto breast augmentation and come across the term, “Drop and fluff”? This describes the settling process of the breasts which can take anywhere between 2-6 months. It is important to know that during this change in breast firmness, position and contour, it is not the implants themselves that are changing, but your body adapting.

What Will Your Breasts Look Like After Surgery?

After your breast augmentation, you may notice that the breasts sit high on the chest. This is perfectly normal and quite expected because regardless of a sub-muscular or sub-mammary placement of the implants, your tissue requires time to adjust and upward displacement offers the path of least resistance. Typically, right after surgery, patients find the upper breast area to appear full or swollen and the skin looks tight with nipples pointed slightly downward. This initial appearance will look unnatural at first, but do not fret, your newly enhanced breasts will change for the better after “dropping and fluffing”.Generally, the pectoralis muscle tightens after a breast augmentation surgery and this causes the implants to be lifted upwards. As the skin stretches and the muscles relax, the breast implants will slowly shift downward and outward – this is the “drop”. Eventually, the breast implants settle and fill the lower breast tissue and envelope – this is the “fluff”. With more time, the “fluffing” continues as the lower part of the breast projects more and assumes a natural shape. Alas, with patience, these two steps will have occurred as part of the recovery process and you will have the breasts you desire.There are several variables that can affect the drop and fluff timeline.  These could be pre-existing pectoralis tightness, implant size and firmness of skin and breast tissue. The type – saline or silicone gel – and shape of breast implants used does not change the “drop and fluff” process, however, the breast implant size and texture can play a role. Heavier implants experience greater gravitational pull than lighter or smaller implants, while textured implants have more friction with surrounding tissue and may drop less compared to smooth implants.You will need to plan for lots of patience! Those with small breasts, tight skin and strong muscles will often take the longest to see these changes. Once your breast implants successfully complete this process, your breasts will feel soft, the inframammary scars will be tucked away under the breast neatly and nipples would have settled into their final spot.Talk to your plastic surgeon about what to expect. Minor asymmetries are normal while healing and many sensations or concerns are not cause for alarm at all, but part of the natural settling and healing you will experience.




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