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Choosing Toronto Breast Augmentation For The Right Reasons

A breast augmentation surgery is an experience that completely changes your life and to be fully satisfied with your final outcome, you should be choosing a Toronto breast augmentation for the right reasons. Also, a breast augmentation surgery is for your appearance, which is a very personal thing and therefore, it should be your personal choice to decide what happens to it – no one else should be pressuring you into changing it permanently for their benefit.

There can be many different types and sources of pressures that influence a woman to choose a breast augmentation, or any other cosmetic surgery, when they do not want or feel ready for it. The first is peer and societal pressure, which affects everyone at all ages. Adolescences may find themselves to be especially vulnerable to this type of pressure as they begin to mature and compare their bodies to grown models and celebrities. Some adults are also deeply impacted by peer and societal pressure. For instance, working in an environment with younger people can increase self-consciousness about our aging appearance.

A major outlet of peer and societal pressure are the images in the media that portray unrealistic standards for what beauty is and it distorts personal views about ourselves and our bodies. As a result, many people turn to cosmetic surgery as a solution to reach these beauty standards. As experts in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics, plastic surgeons are well-aware of the artificial media images. The “perfection” presented rely heavily on extensive make-up, photo-editing skills and image enhancements.

People might be surprised to learn that a number of stunning celebrities and models also suffer from acne, blemishes or eczema like the rest of us. Keeping this in mind can help reduce the pressure placed on us by our peers and society to look a certain way.

Another type and source of pressure that pushes women towards a breast augmentation, even when they are not ready, is personal pressure. This is easily explained with common stories of people who get plastic surgery to please a partner or significant other because they have noticed or pointed out a perceived flaw in their aesthetics.

Sometimes in breast augmentation surgery, a woman’s partner pressures them into receiving the procedure because of their preference for larger breasts. This is extremely unfair because the woman has to undergo a surgery with general anesthesia with possible complications and a lengthy recovery phase for a procedure that they may not want or be ready for.

Thus, regardless of the type or source of pressure that pushes a person towards plastic surgery, it is very important that external pressure is not playing a significant role because that usually leads to dissatisfaction of results. After a Toronto breast augmentation procedure, you should be enjoying your new body with confidence, so you must be certain that you are getting the surgery for yourself and your goals.

If you are considering a Toronto breast augmentation yet are a little worried that it might not be for the right reasons, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal. Through a personal and private conversation, we can figure out together if a breast augmentation is right for you.

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