Choosing Your Implant Size

The most popular question women ask when it comes to breast augmentation is, “What size do I choose?”. Here are some things that can help you figure out what size is right for you:Your ConsultationA cosmetic surgeon recognizes that every woman will have her own unique goals and expectations. As part of the consultative process, our Plastic Surgeons will assist you with this important decision. At your pre-operative consultation, they will take a number of measurements of your breast and chest dimensions, as well as your height and weight. These measurements greatly help in determining which implant size is right for your particular body size. Known as “dimensional breast augmentation”, determining implant size according to your pre-surgery body measurements will help achieve harmonious proportions for a more natural-looking result.

At your pre-operative visit, you will have the opportunity to try on a variety of sample implants (these are known as breast implant sizers) to see which size best suits your taste. Popular breast implant sizes include 300cc breast implants and 350cc breast implants. We have a selection of bras in a range of sizes that you can try on. Bring a tight-fitting T-shirt to this appointment so you can see how you’ll look with the sizers.The Rice (or Water) Test For Breast Implant SizingWatch this breast augmentation video to learn exactly how to do The Rice TestThe Rice Test is a simple one you can try at home. Get a baggie and a measuring cup. Fill the baggie with various quantities of rice (or water). You can keep a note of the amount in the measuring cup, defined by milliliters, as they are equivalent to cc’s (breast implant sizes are usually in cc’s). Tie the baggie, place it into your bra, and put on a tight-fitting T-shirt. You can experiment with different sizes so you can start to appreciate how you will look with various implant sizes. However, you should keep in mind that the baggie will make you look bigger than a breast implant of the same size, since the implant will be more compressed when it is inside the body.

Talk to a FriendMany women have friends or acquaintances who have undergone breast augmentation. Knowing their breast augmentation size may help you in choosing what will be best for you. However, it is important not to just go with the most popular breast implant size, but rather the size that looks good on you.
Look at PhotographsThere are a variety of websites that show before and after photos. During your consultation with your Plastic Surgeon, you’ll be able to look at before and after photos of his patients as well. These can help since they are various breast size pictures. Usually they tell you what implant size was used (in cc’s). Keep in mind that every woman is unique, and that photos of one particular woman may not necessarily represent the result you will obtain with the same implant size because of such factors as your body type, measurements and bone structure.

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