Do I Need To Take Antibiotics After A Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

If you undergo breast augmentation in Toronto, you may hear of some plastic surgeons advising prophylactic antibiotics for patients who have dental work after their augmentation surgery. Here, we’ll explain why that is so you can consider how it may relate to you. The idea behind this measure is to reduce the risk of bacteria dislodged in the mouth from travelling to the breast implant area. The risk of infection is relatively low for any patient with or without implants,but the impact for infection would be different after BA surgery. If an implant or its surrounding capsule becomes infected, the treatment can be serious, requiring removal of the implant.

How Common Is This Issue for Toronto Breast Augmentation Patients?

Breast implantation is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure in North America, yet the reports of infection related to dental work are extremely low and correlative. Due to a lack of evidence, dentists don’t recommend prophylactic medications in most cases,and many plastic surgeons do not unless the patient has had complications with implant infection in the past. As with most medical situations, each person’s case is unique. While a prescription for antibiotics before a dental cleaning or other work is rare, depending on the patient’s individual history or the invasiveness of the work to be done, the plastic surgeon may advise this extra cautious approach. Surgeons often err on the side of extreme caution even for very low or rare risks.
If you have not been to the dentist regularly, have multiple cavities, periodontal disease or an abscess, there could be a much higher bacterial load to consider for you before your appointment. In this type of situation, or if you have had capsular contracture or previous infections, your surgeon or dentist may prescribe antibiotics. The vast majority of Toronto breast augmentation patients will not have any infection issues related to dental work.

You Can Take Steps To Avoid Infection

When selecting your plastic surgeon, ensure they have excellent credentials and operate out of a fully accredited OHP 3 hospital facility. Your surgeon’smeticulous approach and the safety of the OR setting help to ensure no unnecessary risks are taken. When you head home to recover, carefully follow all post-op instructions to avoid infection, including showering and incision care. Avoid submerging in pools, hot tubs or baths until incisions are completely healed. If you note anything concerning such as increased redness or discharge, see your surgeon for assessment immediately.
When it comes to dental work, have your teeth cleaned regularly and if you are scheduled for invasive work of any kind that has you concerned, talk to your surgeon to see if your case warrants any prophylactic precautions. If you have questions about breast augmentation, we welcome you to contact us at Edelstein Cosmetic and schedule your personal consultation with one of our expert plastic surgeons today.




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