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Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Breast Augmentation in Toronto

So, you’re thinking of enhancing your figure with a breast augmentation in Toronto and excited to get started. Your first step may be to ask, “how much will this cost me?”  If you’ve spent significant time researching the procedure online, you may be discouraged to see conflicting pricing information. Don’t worry; we’re here to clear up any confusion around breast augmentation costs and show you how to narrow down the number for what you’ll spend on your new look.

Different Implant, Different Price

Before surgery, you’ll meet with your plastic surgeon in person for a consultation, and they’ll show you the breast implant options available. In Canada, approved, reputable implant devices are made by Allergan, Mentor and Ideal. Your surgeon may suggest either saline or silicone gel, and you’ll learn that they range in price by up to $1,000. Rest assured the volume you choose will not affect your cost, so feel free to go as big or small as you wish.

Additional Procedures

Many people choose to combine additional cosmetic work with a Toronto breast augmentation. This might mean a breast lift, liposuction or even a tummy tuck. Typically, when combining breast and belly reshaping surgeries, the procedure is called a mommy makeover. While you’ll save overall on anaesthetic and facility fees, the total price goes up with each added treatment.

Choose An Expert Toronto Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Costs can vary between geographic locations and from clinic to clinic because of the education, experience and accreditation of your surgeon. In Canada, your plastic surgeon should be board certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Select an expert who focuses on your procedure area. If your surgeon is renowned for their beautiful breast surgery results, count on paying a higher price, but know that it’s well worth it to choose the best when it comes to your body.

Hospital Fees & Anesthetic

Depending on the surgical facility to be used, staffing, OR fees and medication costs, a significant portion of cosmetic surgery pricing is due to these important and necessary elements.  Accredited operating rooms, experienced licenced staff and general anaesthesia are cost factors ranging from $ 1,000 and up.

Is This Your Second Time?

Unfortunately, secondary breast surgeries can be more complex and require greater skill, lengthier OR time and additional technology or materials to be used. Repairing and adjusting scar-tissue is complicated. Be sure to select a surgeon who is experienced in reconstructive and secondary breast augmentation. Expect to pay a little more for your second procedure.

We hope this guide helps clear up what you can expect to see on your breast augmentation quote. The best way to get a personalized price just for you is to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation. They’ll examine you, listen to your goals and recommend a plan to transform you. We welcome you to contact Edelstein Cosmetic, and we look forward to meeting you!

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