Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

Dual plane breast augmentation refers primarily to the placement of the breast implant during surgery. The term, coined by a Texan plastic surgeon back in the late 90s, is defined as a breast augmentation procedure that involves placement of the breast implant behind the pectoralis major muscle and partially behind the breast tissue overlying the muscle. The implant sits on two levels inside the chest, which is why it’s called “dual plane”. Alteration of some of the pectoralis major muscle is also performed to achieve optimal improvement of the breast as well as allowing for a subtle lift for patients with minor drooping (ptosis). This type of implant placement can be performed with any incision (inframammary, transaxillary, or peri-areolar) and has been found to provide more benefits for patients in the study, Dual plane breast augmentation: optimizing implant-soft-tissue relationships in a wide range of breast types.YOUR DUAL PLANE BREAST AUGMENTATION SPECIALISTOur Plastic Surgeons usually perform dual plane breast augmentation because it provides excellent results for women seeking a natural looking, beautiful improvement. They are able to achieve such results for women even with little of their own original breast tissue. In fact, fitness models and professional athletes have both achieved fantastic results with this type of implant placement. By applying his Rapid Recovery techniques, our patients also experience a faster rate of recovery so they can enjoy the results of their surgery sooner.

There are several varieties of dual-plane augmentations that subtly differ one from the next (there are types 1-3). You will receive the most suitable one depending on your goals and the expertise of your surgeon.

For certain patients, such as those with sagging breasts, sub-mammary placement may be preferred.

The Best of Both PositionsDual plane breast augmentation was designed so that the benefits of both subglandular and submuscular placement could be obtained for the patient. The top 2/3 of the breast implant is placed below the pectoral muscle. The muscle provides more coverage so that the implant is less visible and less palpable, lowering the chance of rippling and a visible upper border (the breasts won’t look like they’re bolted on as much). It gives the breast that nice natural slope.

The bottom 1/3 of the implant is placed under the breast itself in the subglandular position. This allows the breast tissue to drape around the implant, contouring itself to the roundness and thereby adopting a pleasing fullness that better emulates a natural breast shape.Note on Breast Implant PlacementOur Plastic Surgeons can also perform subglandular implant placement during breast augmentation at the request of the patient. Subglandular placement is sometimes indicated to help improve droopiness (ptosis). Because of its related disadvantages, our surgeons perform complete submuscular coverage only for breast reconstruction purposes.




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