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Handy “Must-Have’s” For Toronto Breast Augmentation Recovery

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Planning and preparing for your Toronto breast augmentation is a very exciting process, but don’t forget about an important step: the recovery! Many women may not know that the breast augmentation recovery can influence the final outcomes of the surgery. Therefore, to ensure that you have the best results from your augmentation, we want to help you prepare for a smooth-sailing recovery phase. Here are some tips and handy must-haves that you should consider getting in anticipation of your recovery after surgery.

Create A Serene Space In Your Home

Your body heals best when it is in a serene, low-stress space so be sure to arrange your home in a way that is convenient and peaceful.

Set-Op A Little Post-Operation Recovery Station

Stock up on drugstore basics including lip balm, tissues, baby wipes and bottled water for your bedside table. It is also a good idea to set your TV remote, cell phone and charger close by and within reach.

Plump Up Some Pillows

After your Toronto breast augmentation, your plastic surgeon will likely recommend you keep yourself in an upright position, preferably at a 45-degrees angle following surgery, to help reduce swelling and bruising, so lots of plump, comfy pillows will come in handy.

Become Friends With Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana, or also known as Mountain Daisy, is an herbal supplement that reduces swelling and bruising. It is recommended to take the supplement two weeks before and after the breast augmentation surgery.

Stay Soft With Cocoa Butter

Typically one day after surgery, you will receive the all-clear for showering. At this point, you should use a soft non-abrasive cloth and anti-bacterial soap. Then, follow up the shower with a gentle cocoa butter or lotion to ease the dryness of tight, swollen skin.

Find Childcare Help During Your Recovery

While you are resting and recovering from your breast augmentation surgery, it is best for you to secure some help with childcare or pet care.

Have Some Easy-To-Prepare Meals

As your body is healing, you will probably want to avoid cooking and meal-prep, so another great tip is to have some easy-to-prepare or already-prepped meals on hand.

Stock Up On Some Canned Peaches

The combination of pain medications and taking it easy for a period of time can lead to a lack of good bowel movement and constipation. Having water and canned peaches is an easy solution to this problem.

Shop For Comfortable And Loose Clothing

While wrapped in bandages and recovering, it is best that you have loose, comfortable clothing to wear in order to avoid having to pull t-shirts over your head.

Have A Box Of Bendy Straws

This might sound random and completely irrelevant, a box of bendy straws in a breast augmentation must-have item because they make it easier to sit back, rest and toast to a happy recovery with an icy, non-alcoholic beverage.If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the preparations for your recovery phase after a Toronto breast augmentation, please feel free to contact Edelstein Cosmetic.

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