How Is Naturally Proportionate Breast Augmentation Done in Toronto?

One of the biggest benefits of having a breast augmentation in Toronto is that it can restore symmetry and proportion to your body. Unlike the old days, where many women opted for large and often unnatural looking breasts, today the trend is towards more natural and subtle looking results. To keep up with this trend, most surgeons are now specializing in techniques to perform the most natural, proportionate breast augmentations in Toronto.One of the many reasons patients opt for a Toronto Breast Augmentation is to correct asymmetry and achieve more naturally proportionate breasts.

Using two different implant sizes is a simple method, often used to correct these asymmetries.

Making sure that you choose the right projection is another key way to ensure natural looking results.Projection refers to how forward the implant projects from the body, based on the width of its base. Making sure that the implant is not too wide for your body will help to not only reduce the risk of nerve damage and discomfort, but also ensure your results look as natural as possible.When it comes to shape, implants usually come in either round or teardrop. Although round implants tend to be more common, the one that is right for you will depend on your goal and unique body measurements.

With so many factors to account for, you may be wondering how to know you are making the right choices.During the planning phase before your procedure, it is important that your surgeon perform a thorough assessment of your body profile. By taking various measurements and understanding your goals for the procedure, it is easier to recommend an implant shape and size that complements your body type.At Edelstein Cosmetic, the focus is on providing the most natural looking results possible. To help do so, Drs. Edelstein and Jindal have designed a cutting edge formula known as ‘dimensional breast augmentation’ (DBA).

The formula takes a variety of measurements, including your pre-surgery body contour, weight, height, breast width and height as well as the distance from the nipple to the breast fold.Once the formula has been applied, a couple of different implant styles that would be the most complementary for the patient’s unique body type are generated. By getting a clear understanding of what result the specific patient is looking for and using their keen artistic eyes, Drs. Edelstein and Jindal are able to help choose the most naturally proportionate and safest implant for you.The benefit of analyzing so many different variables is that patients are able to avoid ending up with unnatural and plastic looking results.

Another great benefit of the DBA process is that patients are able to get a clear idea of what their results will look like, helping avoid any unwelcome postoperative surprises. Patients who have utilized DBA at Edelstein Cosmetic tend to be highly satisfied with their results and find that the implants are neither too big nor too small, rather just right for their body.

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