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How Soon Can I Travel After My Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Breast Augmentation patients in Toronto often ask about how soon they can travel post-procedure. While you’ll read a variety of answers online, they may conflict, and they just might be untrue for you. The reason? The answer is a bit different for everyone. Travelling and vacation can mean a few different things, and each person’s personal health or medical situation is unique too. To help you plan, we’ll outline some of the factors to consider regarding travelling after breast surgery.

Try To Be Realistic About Healing

Breast augmentation is usually straightforward, but it is still surgery.  Plenty of people come to Edelstein Cosmetic in Toronto for breast augmentation and travel a far distance to get here. While we think it’s worth it to go out of your way for the best surgeons, it requires some careful planning and a little flexibility.Count on a 3-5 day time frame where you’ll want to lay low at home or hotel, take pain medication if required and move slowly. The swelling and bruising will peak around day 3-5 so after this point, you’ll begin to note improvements. Though this is not described as a particularly painful procedure, you will be uncomfortable and should plan for swelling and discomfort during that first week at least.You’ll be advised to avoid aerobic exercise or any activity that elevates your heart rate and blood pressure in the first 3 weeks post-op. This is because it could increase your swelling or risk of bleeding. Considering the need to take things slow, and the inability to lift anything over 10 pounds for some time, lugging heavy bags or participating in outdoor adventures is usually not well-timed with breast augmentation surgery.

Vacation Activities You Can’t Do Immediately After Toronto Breast Augmentation

Even receiving a relaxing massage can be tricky after breast surgery because it will require you to lay flat on your chest. If you have someone with you to carry your bags and if you don’t plan on any of the above activities, travel may be just fine for you. Ask your surgeon about the timing and be sure to make necessary arrangements before undergoing your procedure so that you don’t wind up stuck without a plan.

When Can You Fly?

Your surgeon will give you the all-clear depending on your health situation and risk factors, the length of your trip and support that you have. This is highly personal, however for a typical healthy BA patient with no increased blood clot risks, flying short distances to get home can be arranged a few days after surgery.  For longer trips or vacations, you’ll need to consider the nature of your travels and your personal activity restrictions. Unless you plan to recline poolside, out of the water and out of the sun, your vacation could be a little disappointing. After the first 6 weeks, restrictions are all removed in most cases so that would be the ideal time to dive into your favourite activities.For more information and recommendations, we welcome you to call Edelstein Cosmetic and schedule your personal consultation today.

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