High Definition Liposuction For Men


Men generally have less body fat than women, and yet also require a higher daily caloric intake. However, they are not excluded from the impact of aging. Despite paying close attention to personal diet and exercise plans, many men are unable to ward off the toll that advancing age takes on their bodies. Slowing metabolisms and natural aging processes all work to reduce the kind of healthy look that many men value, one that is characterized by visible muscle tone particularly in the chest, arms, stomach and legs.

We can increase the benefits of any man’s fitness efforts by sculpting the areas they’re actively working to improve. By minimizing the amount of fat around particular muscle groups (the biceps, triceps, pectorals and abdominals) high definition liposuction adds extra definition to the body, enhancing its appearance.


High definition liposuction is best suited to healthy individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or lower. This typically includes former athletes, body builders or other patients who have actively worked towards an extremely healthy body throughout their lives. These men have often adhered to strict diets and weight lifting exercises in order to cut down to roughly 5% body fat (the point at which muscle definition becomes very noticeable). Severe food restrictions may make this lifestyle impossible to maintain, which is why high definition liposuction is preferred by these patients. Combined with reasonable eating and continued exercise, the procedure allows men to enjoy a lower body fat percentage without having to devote their already busy lives toward achieving this goal. Patients obtain a sculpted, well defined body, maintaining a healthier body fat percentage. Proper diet and fitness regimens typically leave men within the 12-15% body fat region, which is the same that contouring treatment can achieve, minus the countless hours at the gym and extreme low-calorie diet.


Most men come to Edelstein Cosmetic seeking Toronto liposuction treatment for abdominal fat deposits, love handles, prominent breasts, or the creation of better defined abs. While love handles and excess abdominal weight can respond well to liposuction treatment, Dr. Edelstein also examines your lifestyle habits. He wants to make sure that you exercise, eat properly and cut out excessive alcohol or cigarette consumption to promote greater results.

Regardless of whether a given man has been lax or extremely fastidious in maintaining their appearance, we always work to help his patients have reasonable expectations for what their treatment can accomplish. He encourages every man to look forward to how contouring procedures can improve on the body they already have (not the one they may dream of possessing) in order to discourage unrealistic goals.

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