How To Be Beach Ready After Your Breast Augmentation in Toronto

If you plan a breast augmentation in Toronto while the weather is still cold and snow is on the ground, you’ll be totally ready for a summery new wardrobe and showing off your figure when warm weather hits. There are a few considerations for enjoying your new beach body that goes a little above and beyond the usual for someone with breast implants. Here we’ll outline what you need to know about prepping your new assets for the sun.


Plenty of people with a variety of natural skin tones want a sun-kissed, golden glow on their skin during the Summer months. The dangers of excess UV exposure have come to light so to speak in recent years. Most of us know that covering up and wearing sunblock is a safer way to enjoy the sun and avoid cancer risks. However, there are additional precautions post-breast enhancement surgery.


Your incisions are very prone to sun damage while healing and throughout the first year while scars mature. If exposed to UV light while healing, scars can create pigment that darkens them permanently. Once scars have darkened, it’s challenging to try to lighten them again. Likewise, if your new chest is fresh and you still have tight, inflamed skin, it is highly recommended you cover up and adequately protect the area because inflamed skin often reacts badly in the sun. You could wind up with an unsightly rash or hyperpigmentation that you don’t want on your breasts. We recommend that you slather on that sunblock, always cover scars and wait until you’re fully healed before baring it all in skimpy wear.

Shopping for Swimwear After A Toronto Breast Augmentation

In a city that experiences long, cold Winters, the arrival of Summer is cause for ultimate celebration,and often people shop for new swimsuits then hit the beach at the first signs of warmth. You’re probably looking forward to showing off your new cleavage, but you might not be used to shopping for bikini tops that fit larger breasts.
Pro tip: Your old string bikini, triangle top or bandeau might not fit quite right now. As these varieties of swimsuit top have no structure or support, they can slide off and offer minimal coverage. Tankinis, halter tops, formed or underwire cups will hold in and support your new volume better. Also, you may want to go for wider straps than before. Bathing suits are often less supportive than bras,and if you spend any length of time in one, your breasts may feel heavy. Wider straps offer better long-term comfort. Be sure to wait until you’ve fully healed and been cleared by your surgeon before you wear any push-up or underwire bra or bathing suit tops. In the long run, these are fine for most people by while you are first healing, they can press into the incision and implant pocket causing pain or damage. If you have questions about breast augmentation in Toronto or you want to get yourself beach ready with breast enhancement, we’re here to help. We welcome you to contact Edelstein Cosmetic and learn about your options today.




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