How To Determine The Correct Breast Implant For Your Augmentation

A breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today due to its ability to restore breast volume and enhance a woman’s curves. Whether you are hoping for a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, a breast augmentation can boost your confidence.

Before choosing to undergo this procedure, however, it is important to take your time determining the most suitable breast implant option for you. In addition to size, the material, shape, and profile of the implants you select all contribute to your final result.


The first consideration when selecting breast implants is the choice between saline and silicone. Saline implants are comprised of sterile saline, a natural salt-water solution, enclosed in a silicone shell. In most cases, they are filled by the surgeon during the procedure, which makes the size adjustable.

As a result, they are ideal for individuals with breast asymmetry or those who are concerned with having a smaller incision. While traditional saline implants tend to be less natural feeling than silicone, the Ideal Implant, a new saline option, has been developed to provide the more natural feel of silicone while still maintaining the benefits of saline.

Silicone implants, on the other hand, are made up of a cohesive gel which mimics natural breast tissue (the “jello” or “gummy bear” implant). These implants are pre-filled, which ensures predictable results. The main advantage of silicone implants over saline is that silicone implants feel more natural, and are less likely to cause visible rippling.

The most popular type of silicone implant is the smooth, round style.  They are soft, change their shape with changes in your position, and move around naturally.  The anatomically shaped “tear-drop” implant is made up of a thicker silicone gel, but has lost popularity because they feel firmer than regular silicone implants, require a larger incision, and carry a risk of rotating out of place in the breast pocket.


After deciding between saline and silicone, it is necessary to choose between round and tear-drop implants. Round breast implants are the most popular currently. Although believed to be less natural in appearance, when placed under the muscle or with sufficient breast tissue to cover them, patients find that round implants create a natural shape and move like a real breast.

If they rotate within the pocket, it will not impact your results. They are also softer, and therefore feel more natural. Conversely, if tear-drop implants rotate post-operatively, it will alter the breast’s appearance and result in asymmetry. They are also firmer and don’t move around as naturally.


The final consideration when selecting the best breast implant option for you is the desired profile, which refers to the degree to which the implant projects when standing. This is an important factor in determining your final results, as the projection can affect the size and the “look” that you achieve. As their name suggests, low profile implants have minimal projection and are therefore considered most suitable for women who desire only minimal fullness.

Moderate profile implants, on the other hand, are well-suited to most women for a proportionate, natural look.  High profile implants are very popular and create a fuller, perkier shape. Your surgeon will help you select implant options based on your breast measurements and based on the aesthetic goals you have. You may have the option to try on implant sizers with the same width but varying projections, in order to decide what suits you the best.

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