Ideal Incision Route Options for Breast Augmentation in Toronto

Breast Augmentation in Toronto is still the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery procedure. Its popularity is increasing, and the methods and materials used are at the forefront of medical research. Today’s breast implants are incredibly innovative, resilient and realistic. The means for placing them in the body have also improved so much that now, “atraumatic” and rapid recovery techniques have become standard. For those seeking to increase their breast size and improve overall shape and cleavage with augmentation, what are the best methods available today? Read on to find out.

Toronto breast augmentation surgeons typically use one of 3 breast implant incision routes and a bloodless technique that minimizes trauma and speeds up recovery. How does the plastic surgeon choose the incision route? Your stated desires and goals as a patient are fundamental when it comes to decision making, but a skilled surgeon will present you with the options and explain their pros and cons.

The three incision sites:

Inframammary Fold : A small 3-4 cm long incision is made under the breast, just above the natural crease, or fold. This remains the most popular route for most people with good reason. While it allows straightforward access to place the implants, the scar will be completely hidden even on a bare breast due to its under-breast position. Whenever wearing a bra or swimsuit, no scar whatsoever will be seen. If a person tends to scar visibly, this will be the best place to place it. A possible drawback could be the presence of a scar on the front of the chest wall.Peri-areolar: at the outeredge of the areola, an incision part-way around can be made and the implant placed through. This is the second most popular option. It is preferable for some people who have small, firm breasts that do not possess a natural crease to hide the scar within. Another bonus to this route is that resizing of the areola, providing a small lift, could be done through this method. However, limitations and drawbacks can include that a certain minimum size of areola is required to make it suitable. Also, any hyperpigmentation or raising of the scar may appear visible on the breast. There are slightly increased risks of breastfeeding limitations and for infection through this route. Trans-axillary/Armpit Incision : An incision can be made within a natural crease in the armpit to place the breast implants. With saline implants, this is relatively easy, and though silicone gel implants can also be placed this way, the process is more complex, and implant size may be limited. Special surgical tools allow the Toronto breast augmentation surgeon to create a tunnel through to the breast pocket and visualize the area with a camera placed inside. Benefits include having no scar on the breast itself, though the armpit incision may still appear visible depending on how an individual heals. Possible drawbacks could be malposition of implants and size limitations. Single-use funnel devices have been developed to help place the implants with no hands-on contact, greatly minimized infection risk and a less-traumatic technique. The Keller Funnel is one such popular device that has revolutionized how incision routes are utilized,and the allowed the incisions to be smaller than ever.




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