How to Prep for Your Breast Augmentation in Toronto

Getting ready for your breast augmentation in Toronto will likely be an exciting time, but it can be a stressful, busy time too. Your plastic surgery clinic will help you prepare with essential medical instructions, restrictions, and appointment times. Their instructions are of primary importance. However, there’s a whole lot more to know about getting prepped for a BA to ensure you have a smooth and comfortable healing phase. Here, we’ll highlight some things to buy, ways to prepare your home, and ready yourself for an optimal experience.

Breast augmentation in Toronto- There’s no need for anxiety

Preparing your space is a great way to calm nerves and keep busy with something positive and productive. Once your details are all in place, and your surgeon has answered all questions, it’s a great time to take your mind off surgery for a while and clean your house. That’s right- don’t underestimate what a stress-reliever and recovery helper a big pre-clean will be.
When you’re camped out on the couch or bed in the first week of recovery, you’ll appreciate clean linens, organized supplies, and no dust bunnies or dirty laundry to fixate on.

Stock up

After your breast augmentation in Toronto, you’ll be able to do simple, light tasks with your hands, but standing over a stove and cooking, reaching up into cupboards, stirring, and chopping will all feel more laborious than they did before. It won’t be comfortable to overuse your arms, and you may feel a little nauseous or weak directly after a general anaesthetic. Given the fact that you’ll want to relax for at least a few days, shop for food and prepare meals ahead of time, so eating is easy after surgery.

Get help

Whether you call in favours from friends and family or hire a sitter, people with pets and children often need help. You will be asked to avoid heavy lifting, pushing or pulling which utilizes your arms and chest after surgery. During the first couple of weeks, having extra help to handle those active tasks or assist with childcare will be a great relief for you, and make recovery smoother.

Get Comfy Clothes Ready

You may be envisioning new swimwear and lingerie- we don’t blame you. It’s going to be fun to shop when the time comes, but the first few weeks after your procedure will not be that time. Instead, you can expect some swelling and surgical or sports bras. Your breasts may sit high and somewhat stiff for a month or so. You’ll be resting at home for at least the first few days and will want to bring comfy sweats or pyjamas to the hospital, then wear these for the first phase of recovery too. We recommend tops you can button or zip up so that reaching and straining to change clothes won’t be an issue.

These tips can help you feel ready, stress-free and comfortable throughout your recovery. There will be more critical instructions regarding supplements and medications, plus exercise. Check with your surgeon about these particulars, and congratulations on your breast augmentation.




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