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What If I Decide To Increase The Size Of My Implants Over Time?

If you have recently had a breast augmentation procedure, and wish you went larger, you are not alone. This is a common request from patients, but before discussing revision surgery, it is also important to wait until the implants completely heal and settle, and then it is recommended that patients wait up to a year before increasing the size of their implants.

There is an emotional process after having a breast augmentation performed and over time you may decide the size is perfect. However, it is understandable that over the years your body will change, or there is a change of heart, and in the case that a revision is necessary the surgeon will reevaluate your body to help achieve the desired result.

If going larger is the objective it is important for the patient to decide what it is about her implants she would like to change:

Breast Shape That Does Not Flatter The Figure

If a patient feels her breast implants do not flatter her figure it may be recommended that the width of the implant is changed to complement and accentuate the shoulders, waist and hips.

A Breast Implant Revision To Achieve More Fullness In A Given Area (eg Cleavage)

It is common for patients to not want to go overboard with their initial breast augmentation procedure and then to later wish she had just gone larger the first time. It is often the case that changing to a higher profile implant will achieve the desired outcome of having breasts with more fullness in a given area (eg cleavage).

A breast implant revision surgery can be complicated and result in subsequent “touch up” surgeries, but if the patient is healthy and the implant was chosen correctly, it can be done. To go larger, additional space may be needed to accommodate the implant, so the implant pocket is adjusted accordingly.

It is still important that the breast implant fits the body and breast dimensions of the patient to ensure they are not too large for her frame or too heavy. If the skin cannot support the size of the implants, issues such as breasts that droop and asymmetry may occur.

Accepting Your New Size

The decision to go larger is completely up to the patient, but it takes at least six months for the initial breast augmentation procedure to settle and it is recommended that at least a year or more passes before a breast revision surgery is scheduled.

It is very common for women to feel they made the wrong decision after their initial augmentation but this is a part of the normal, emotional recovery process and it just takes time to get used to your new body size and shape. Be patient with yourself during the first year and call the clinic for support at any time. The surgeon and supporting staff are here to help and reassure patients at all times. If that eventually results in a breast revision surgery, we are here to help you feel beautiful, confident and happy. We would like you to achieve the look you have always wanted.

If you want to move forward with a breast revision surgery and increase the size of your implants we encourage you to call our clinic to schedule an appointment at your convenience by calling 416-256-5614.


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