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Life After Breast Augmentation: How Frequently To Visit The Plastic Surgeon

After breast augmentation surgery, you can expect the normal follow-up appointments with your surgeon in order to ensure that everything is healing as it should. This usually means being checked immediately after surgery, then two weeks after surgery, at two months, and then six months. This will allow the surgeon to prescribe additional medication should you require it, and give you valuable advice on caring for your breasts, and about what types of activities you are ready to do.

But how often should you visit your plastic surgeon once you are fully recovered? Some women mistakenly think that this marks the end of their visits to their plastic surgeon.

Additional Surgeries

You may know that no implant lasts forever. If you wish to maintain the appearance of your original surgery, then follow-up surgeries may be necessary.  On average, it is believed that implants tend to last anywhere from 15-20 years.  According to the most recent statistics, one in every four women who have had a breast augmentation gets another one within ten years. In some cases, this is due to a rupture in the implant, though in other cases it is because she wishes to get a larger or smaller size.

In general, it is fairly easy to determine whether a saline implant has ruptured as the shell will collapse causing a noticeable change. Silicone implants on the other hand, do not make it as easy to detect leaks. Getting an annual check-up can give you peace of mind knowing that your implant is intact. And if it is not intact, it allows you to catch the rupture earlier and start planning for a follow-up surgery.

Regular check-ups

Even if you are not planning another surgery however, it is important to maintain a regular relationship with your doctor. Most surgeons will recommend annual check-ups with your family doctor following a breast augmentation.  This allows your doctor to monitor any changes with your breasts and detect any possible issues with the implants themselves.

A common reason to see your plastic surgeon is the fact that implants can potentially shift and rotate, causing what might seem like “lumps” in the breast. Understandably, finding such as “lump” can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to a woman.  Women who suffer the most anxiety tend to be those who skip their follow-up appointments. Your surgeon can quickly determine whether this is simply the implant which has moved a little or whether it’s something to be more concerned about.

Just like any other healthcare professional, it is important that you maintain your relationship with your plastic surgeon. Not only does this help you maintain a rapport of trust with them, but it is the best way to ensure lasting results from your surgery and overall good health.

At Edelstein Cosmetic, we understand the value of maintaining good, long-term relationships with our patients and we pride ourselves on the fact that our patients trust us enough to keep that relationship going as well.  Since quality results along with the health and safety of our patients is our number one goal, we recommend regular check-ups following breast augmentation surgery.


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