Preparing For Your Breast Augmentation in Toronto : 5 Dos and Don’ts

Once you’ve decided to have your breasts enhanced, it can be difficult to wait for your actual surgery date to arrive! As you count down the weeks and days until your Toronto breast augmentation, you will probably be looking for ways to pass the time but also to prepare. Here are five dos and don’ts to get you started:


1. Ask your surgeon anything and everything you want to know. Your private medical consultation is an excellent opportunity to have questions answered and learn about the procedure. However, there is almost always at least one more question that comes to mind after the fact. Your surgeon and team are there to support you and provide any information you need to be comfortable and confident.2. Be upfront and honest with your surgeon about

  • Your reasons and goals for having the procedure
  • Your medical history and any current conditions
  • Any concerns you may have

Your honesty will help your surgeon provide the right advice to make your procedure a success.
3. Follow your surgeon’s pre-procedure instructions. They’ll advise you about any changes you need to make to your lifestyle in preparation for your Toronto breast augmentation. You’ll need to avoid taking blood-thinning medications including Aspirin and Ibuprofen/Advil, and your doctor may also make recommendations to start or stop specific nutritional supplements. Certain typically healthy herbal and vitamin formulas could actually put you at risk of unnecessary bleeding. If any instructions are not clear, be sure to ask for clarification,and your surgeon will be happy to explain.4. Pack lightly! Breast augmentation is day surgery, so you will not need to pack a change of clothes or anything for overnight. Wear clothing that is roomy, soft and comfortable, something you can put on easily without having to raise your arms or pull it over your head. A man’s dress shirt or zip-up hoodie are great choices.

5. Plan to have some help. You’ll need someone to drive you home after your surgery. If you live alone, then consider asking a friend or loved one to stay with you for the first few days when you’re recovering. They can help around the house and keep you company while you rest.


1. Buy a whole new wardrobe. Once you’ve booked your Toronto breast augmentation, you may feel eager to shop for beautiful clothing, swimwear, and lingerie to show off your new breasts. You can absolutely pick up a few new items, but don’t go overboard too soon. Your breast implants will take some time to settle after surgery, and it will be easier to shop once you can try items on items that fit your new shape.

2. Binge on food or alcohol. Leading up to cosmetic surgery, some patients may feel inclined to have a “last hurrah” before their surgery and recovery. Your recovery will go smoothest if you approach your surgery with a healthy and well-rested body.
3. Get sick. If you are fighting a cold or flu, or if you contract an infection, then your surgery may be delayed. Do your best to keep your immune system healthy by limiting sugary and processed foods, staying well hydrated, and getting a good night’s sleep.

4. Bring valuables with you to the hospital. That includes money, jewelry, and electronics.

5. Stress too much – It’s normal to have some pre-op nerves, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you find your emotions running higher as you approach your surgery date. You can be confident in the time and research you have put into your choices, and just look forward to the final results!




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