Staged Augmentation Mastopexy

If you are considering enhancing the size of your breasts and addressing sagging as well, the procedures you should consider are breast augmentation (implants) and mastopexy (breast lift). Approximately 50% of our patients who seek augmentation mastopexy have the procedures performed at separate times. Known as “staged” augmentation mastopexy, this approach has a longer safety record than when both procedures are performed at the same time, in a single surgery (known as single-stage, of which the other 50% of patients have performed).

During staged augmentation mastopexy, the mastopexy is usually performed first. This allows the breast to be lifted and shaped without the added weight of the breast implants working against the lift. Enough time is allowed to pass for the breasts to adequately heal in the lifted position before proceeding with the breast augmentation, a second surgery scheduled no less than three months afterward.

The staged approach to breast lift augmentation is tried-and-tested. Its benefits include:

Good control over the outcome of each procedure, since the subsequent procedure can be better designed to improve on the results that have been achieved

A lower rate of additional surgery to correct undesirable results, since it is harder to predict results from the single-stage approach

Better selection of surgical techniques to minimize incisions and resulting scars

A lower complication rate as the single-stage approach is associated with higher risks and complications, including disruption to the blood supply to the tissues and capsular contracture

Does this mean that scheduling your augmentation and mastopexy separately is better? It may or may not be, depending on the professional medical opinion of our experienced Plastic Surgeons. Discuss your goals during your private consultation with your surgeon, and after a physical examination, you’ll find out which approach is better suited to achieve your goals.

READ ABOUT THE SINGLE-STAGE APPROACHWHEN AUGMENTATION ALONE IS SUFFICIENTSometimes, alone can effectively remedy drooping, particularly when selecting the right implant. 95% of our patients who have been properly selected for the Allergan Style 410 model, a stable tear-drop shaped implant that creates more projection than a round implant, are satisfied with their results and do not undergo a subsequent surgery to address sagging. If sagging is minor and/or the nipple lies above the inframammary fold (pseudoptosis), an additional surgery to correct ptosis may also be unnecessary.




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