Teardrop Implants Versus Round Implants

When planning your breast enhancement it’s easy to become confused as to what the difference is between the various implant shapes available. Fortunately, Dr. Edelstein can help you make the right choice by assessing your body, discussing your goals, and recommending the right type of implant to use in achieving your dream results.ROUND IMPLANTS VERSUS ANATOMICAL IMPLANTS (AKA TEARDROP IMPLANTS)The two styles of devices commonly used in modern breast augmentation procedures are round and anatomical (or “teardrop”) shaped silicone cohesive gel implants. As their descriptive names suggest, round implants have a more circular shape than the teardrop profile of the anatomical style. While many women prefer the more natural appearance of anatomically shaped implants, there are important benefits and drawbacks to consider when choosing between the two different styles.TEARDROP IMPLANTSDepending on your goals and body type, you may be suited to anatomical implants. Anatomic implants are shaped more like natural breasts and keep their shape regardless of whether you’re lying on your side or back, standing up, or reclining. They’re often recommended for patients with droopier breasts that require a lift — sometimes making a breast lift unnecessary.

One of the possible drawbacks related to teardrop implants is rotation. If the implant is positioned inside an internal pocket that is too large, there is a risk that it can begin rotating over time. This will not only make your breasts look misshapen, but can also cause fluid to develop in the cavity (a seroma) that must be surgically corrected and drained.ROUND IMPLANTSRound silicone cohesive gel implants are typically used because they are softer to the touch and capable of creating creating the look you desire, from very natural appearing proportionate breasts, to very full and high breasts. Since their shape changes depending on your position — flatter when you’re lying down, settling into a more teardrop shape when standing — they also tend to look more natural during movement. There is no risk of rotation and seroma development. This factor makes them a more common choice in breast augmentation.

In fact, a study was published where plastic surgeons were shown patients either with round or anatomic implants, and were asked which shape of implant each patient had. The results showed that the plastic surgeons could not tell which patient had which shape of implant!WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU?Choosing whether to receive round or anatomically shaped implants is usually a matter of personal goals and physiology. During your consultation your board certified Plastic Surgeon will work with you to not only discuss the type of look you hope to achieve following your enhancement treatment but to provide advice based on your anatomy as well. Regardless of whether you choose teardrop or round implants your Plastic Surgeon will leverage their extensive knowledge and practical experience in performing breast augmentation to ensure that you receive fantastic results.




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