Thinking About Body Shape and Lifestyle Is A Key Part Of Breast Augmentation In Toronto

An important part of the decision making process when considering a breast augmentation, is how exactly you want to look after the procedure. What many patients exploring the idea of a breast augmentation in Toronto don’t realize is that bigger is not always better. When it comes to choosing an implant size and style that are the most complimentary for you, considering your unique body shape and lifestyle is key.

In order to get the most natural looking results, your breasts should be proportionate to the rest of your body. By considering your existing breast size and the width of your ribcage, among other factors, a surgeon can help recommend what size would look the most natural on you.For patients who are thin with a small frame, choosing implants that are too large can end up causing a top-heavy and unnatural look.

Aside from looking unnatural, getting implants that are not proportionate to the rest of your body, can also pose certain risks. If implants that are too large for the thickness of your breast tissue are used, they can end up showing through the skin, or cause the breasts to droop. Furthermore, they can also cause long-term problems by placing excess strain on the neck and back.In order to ensure that your implants complement your body shape, Dr. Jerome Edelstein uses a revolutionary formula known as dimensional breast augmentation (DBA). The formula utilizes a variety of body measurements from each patient in order to provide suitable implant options to pick from. By accounting for individual differences in height, weight, breast width and height, among other factors, the formula ensures that you select the implant type that is best suited specifically for you.In addition to body type, it is also important to consider your lifestyle when planning for a breast augmentation procedure in Toronto.For instance, for those who lead a very active and athletic lifestyle, large breasts may not be a good idea. The added weight can cause back and shoulder pain during exercise, and also make playing certain sports uncomfortable. If you are very active, choosing a more conservative implant size is a better idea so that you can continue to enjoy your lifestyle safely and comfortably.Considering your lifestyle and when you can take some time off your feet without added stress can also help when planning for your procedure.Another part of your lifestyle to consider is whether you are planning to have children. Although breast augmentation does not impact pregnancy or one’s ability to breastfeed, the results can change with the strain of pregnancy and childbirth on your body. Therefore, if you are planning on having children in the near-term (for example, within the next year), consider waiting, which may be a good idea so that no additional revision surgeries are required.At Edelstein Cosmetic, we take great pride in putting patient comfort and safety first. By working with you closely to plan your procedure, our team of specialized surgeons aims to ensure that your new breasts fit your body perfectly and compliment your lifestyle.

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