What Are The Primary Factors To Think About When Considering A Breast Augmentation?

In Toronto, a breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. If you have made the decision to undergo a breast augmentation, there are several different factors to consider including the size, choice of implant, incision site, surface, and shape of your breast implants. It is important to discuss each option with your plastic surgeon before undergoing a breast augmentation.


One of the most important considerations when it comes to a breast augmentation is the size of the breast implants, as this will determine how natural or enhanced the final result appears. Silicone gel breast implants are measured in ccs and range from under 200cc to 800cc, though the most popular sizes tend to range between 300-450. To help you determine the best size for you, your goals for the procedure and individual anatomy should be taken into account. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with implant sizers, which you can try on to assess how various sizes appear on your frame.


Another crucial consideration regarding your breast implants is the choice of material. Saline implants have an outer silicone shell but are filled with sterile saline (salt water). They are filled by the surgeon during the procedure. The advantage of saline implants is that they require a slightly smaller incision.  The latest saline implant is called the ‘Ideal Implant’ because it feels to the touch better than standard saline implants.  Ideal Implants generally cost $ 1000 more than silicone cohesive gel implants.Silicone implants are comprised of a cohesive silicone gel which tends to look and feel more natural than saline as it mimics the feel of human tissue. Unlike saline implants, they are only available prefilled.  These are the most popular implants today.“Gummy bear implants” are silicone gel implants that are the most cohesive (dense). These implants are filled with a thicker silicone cohesive gel and mimic the natural tear-drop shape of the breast. However, the incisions required are generally larger and the final results can feel firmer.

Incision Site

Once you have determined the best size and implant type for you, it is necessary to consider your preferred incision site. Three of the most popular incision routes are: inframammary, periareolar and transaxillary. The most common incisions are inframammary which involve making an incision in the breast fold, or crease beneath the breast, enabling superior access when placing the implants, while the periareolar technique requires the surgeon to make an incision in the lower half of the areola, which helps to hide the subsequent scar.The transaxillary approach is often referred to as a “scarless breast augmentation” because no incision is made on the breast; instead, an incision is made within the armpit fold and a tunnel is created to place the implant. The TUBA, or, transumbilical technique is less common and requires making an incision in the navel area and creating a tunnel through which saline breast implants can be placed.


Another factor to consider prior to your breast augmentation in Toronto, is whether you would prefer an implant with a smooth or textured surface. Smooth implants typically last longer, have a lower rupture rate and move freely within the pocket. Textured implants feel firmer due to their thicker shell and can help lock an implant in position.


Finally, it is important to determine the preferred shape of your breast implants. Round breast implants have a circular, symmetrical shape. While many people believe they result in a less natural outcome, in reality, once placed, their shape is similar to an anatomical implant.Anatomical breast implants, also known as contoured implants, appear oval in shape when viewed from the front and are bottom heavy, which helps create a natural shape. However, in the event that they shift in position, there is a risk of asymmetry and surgical correction required.




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