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What Do The Results Look Like Right After A Toronto Breast Augmentation?

A Toronto breast augmentation surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure amongst women that improves body contour by enhancing the size, volume, shape and position of breasts. The majority of women are extremely satisfied with their new physique and boost in self-confidence after the procedure; however, this transformative journey does require some time.

As you are considering a breast augmentation, you may be thinking about when you should get it so that you will look amazing and have your new body for a tropical summer vacation in a bikini or a special event and/or anniversary. We are happy to discuss with you what the results will look like right after a Toronto breast augmentation, and also when to expect the final outcomes to show. It is important for you to understand the healing progress to be completely comfortable and satisfied with the procedure.

Following the breast augmentation surgery, you will definitely notice the difference in your breasts’ size and volume immediately. However, you may also see that your breasts will appear somewhat swollen, tight and highly positioned – probably not what you were aiming for… But no worries, this is a part of the process and is absolutely normal.
Typically, after the insertion of breast implants, your body has not adapted to the implants, which is why they do not sit naturally on your chest. Additionally, the newly inserted breast implants have not experienced the effects of gravity. As time passes and your body recovers from the surgery, your breast implants will undergo a process known as the “drop and fluff”, which describes the changes to your breast tissue and skin as it adapts and accommodates for the new breast implants.

The swelling will also subside, and the tightness of your skin will be alleviated as your breasts go through tissue expansion (whereby your body produces new skin to go with the implants). Overall, you will notice your breasts looking more natural – just the way you intended them to be!

For most women, the “drop and fluff” process generally takes about four months to complete. As every woman is different and her body heals uniquely, it is not atypical to wait up to six months before the final outcomes of the “drop and fluff” process is visible. Therefore, your body will heal at its own rate and it is important to be patient during this time. We know it can be tough since four to six months is not short, but the long wait and recovery is well-worth it once you see the final, natural-looking results of your Toronto breast augmentation.
4) Schedule a consultation meeting and visit the clinic. The initial meeting is a wonderful opportunity to meet everyone who will be assisting you during this process. Having a good support system will positively impact your experience and ultimately, your final outcome from the surgery. Another thing that we typically suggest to interested patients is to make observations of the clinical space. Check to see that it is kept clean and tidy, because that is a sign of sanitation, comfort and organization.

If you are interested in a breast augmentation in Toronto and would like to learn more about how your aesthetic goals can be reached, we would like to invite you to Edelstein Cosmetic for a personal consultation with our staff. We will discuss your goals, your aesthetic needs and the details of a Toronto breast augmentation, as well as prepare an individualized treatment plan for you.

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