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What Does Breast Augmentation Recovery Usually Feel Like?

After your Toronto breast augmentation surgery, there are some things you should expect, and know, about the transition into recovery. As you wake up from the general anesthesia, you may feel groggy or disoriented, but you will want to do your best to wake up and begin your rest in the comfort of your home as soon as possible.

When you wake up from the anesthesia, you will likely feel some pressure on your chest, as if someone is sitting on it. Also, if the placements were placed underneath your pectoral muscles, they will be stretched, and you may also feel as though you have done way too many push-ups. Overall, you will be experiencing a sore chest with some discomfort when you try to use your pectoral muscles.

Aside from chest soreness and/or pain, you may also be feeling or having some of these other side effects from a breast augmentation surgery. This list may look long, but it is not intended to intimidate you. Instead, know that these are perfectly normal and expected for a recovery period.

Numbness: after the surgery, some of you will experience numbness that persist from weeks to months. It is difficult to predict but sensation will return over time.
Swelling: you should expect your breasts to be swollen, tender and feel warm after your breast augmentation. The severity of swelling varies among clients and it is not possible to determine exactly how much swelling each individual person will have.
Bruising: although most plastic surgeons use cauterization during breast augmentation surgery to seal off blood vessels and minimize bruising, you should not be alarmed to see some because it is unpredictable.
Zingers: this is a sharp, shooting pain that you may feel in your breasts and can last for several weeks to a few months. It is common and uncomfortable, but they are signs of your body healing.
Light-headedness: for the first few days of your recovery, you may feel light-headed from the anesthesia, prescription medications and lack of good sleep. Try to get up slowly to avoid a quick drop in blood pressure.
Itching: you may experience some itching of your breasts because of the skin being stretched. You will likely also feel itchiness at your site of incision, which is perfectly normal and a part of the healing process. Remember to avoid scratching to prevent injuring the wound.
Bloating: this is a very common side effect of a breast augmentation and can be partly attributed to the IV fluids that are administered during the procedure, as well as constipation. Drinking lots of fluids and water to flush your system can help with this.
Backache: this painful effect is common for implants that have been inserted with a submuscular placement because of several reasons. For one, different back muscles are being engaged as you are avoiding the use of your pectoral muscles. Your natural sleeping position might also be altered, and your back is not used to it. Lastly, you might also be walking and sitting around in a hunched position to “protect” your chest. Over time, these backaches should subside as your muscles recover.
Nausea: you may feel nauseous after surgery because of the strong anesthetics and pain medications.
Constipation: the combination of anesthetics and pain medication, as well as inactivity from resting, can lead to constipation.
Lack of energy: it is normal to feel sluggish and tired after a breast augmentation, since surgery is “controlled trauma” to the body and it needs energy to heal. Like everything else mentioned though, this is temporary and will pass over some time.

If you have any questions or outstanding concerns regarding your recovery after a Toronto breast augmentation, please contact Edelstein Cosmetic as we are happy to help you achieve your goals with a successful breast augmentation surgery.

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