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What’s The Best Way To Sleep After Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

If you’re considering enhancing your breasts, you’ll likely have many questions leading up to your procedure. Some of the most common questions posed by patients relate to the recovery process. In particular, many women wonder about sleeping after surgery. Read on to find out how you can make things simple and comfortable.

It’s normal to feel fatigued for a few days after your breast augmentation in Toronto. That’s because your body is working overtime to heal your injured tissues and muscles. Getting the correct amount of sleep allows your body to focus solely on recovery. While you sleep, blood flow containing vital oxygen and nutrients is directed to the surgical area, helping your implants to heal and settle into your body.

We want to ensure you get enough sleep throughout your recovery so that you can heal as comfortably as possible. Continue reading to learn more.

Sleeping On Your Back With Your Upper Body Elevated

Cosmetic surgeons advise that you sleep on your back for the first few weeks after surgery to avoid painful pressure on the implant pockets.

We also recommend that you elevate your upper body while you sleep as it will reduce swelling to help your beasts heal quickly and comfortably. Positioning this way also assists with mobility, as getting out of bed from a fully reclined position requires more upper body strength. You’ll put less pressure on your recovering arm and chest muscles if you are already partially upright when you need to move around. When swelling and bruising begin to resolve, many women find they can sleep flat on their back if they don’t feel any discomfort.

Sleeping On Your Side or Stomach

Many of us enjoy relaxing on our side or stomach at night. However, in the weeks after your breast augmentation in Toronto, this should be avoided if possible. The internal sutures are very strong, as are your implants, and you’re not likely to harm your results by accidentally rolling over, but it is likely to jolt you awake and feel fairly unpleasant. We recommend a soft, supportive bra and some firm, body pillows to help you stay on your back with arms comfortably cushioned.

Once you get the go-ahead from your surgeon, you should be able to resume normal sleeping positions while wearing a supportive bra. Moreover, eventually, you can expect to sleep in whatever way you like. However, you may find that how you slept before doesn’t feel the same as it once did now that your body has changed.

How Can I Prepare To Sleep On My Back If I Find It Difficult?

Here are a few tips to help you feel at ease resting on your back post-op:

  • Use pillows a reclining chair or bed with an upright function to keep your upper body upright
  • Use a pillow under each arm to stop yourself from rolling over while you sleep
  • An extra pillow under your knees can relieve tension in your low back
  • Keep the things you need close at hand: like water, medication, snacks and the remote
  • Allow your body to relax by avoiding alcohol, caffeine and sugar
  • Take a warm shower to relax or read a book rather than looking at a bright screen

If you want to start your journey toward breast augmentation in Toronto, Dr. Jerome Edelstein would be happy to speak with you. An expert in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Edelstein’s primary goal is to help every patient achieve superior results in breast enhancement. He and his team of hand-picked professionals will work closely with you to make your aesthetic goals a reality.

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