What Is Breast Asymmetry?

Most women’s breasts are not identical in size and shape, but generally don’t lead to the kind of embarrassment and discomfort that occurs in more severe cases. For women who suffer from significantly different breasts, asymmetry can have a serious impact on their quality of life. Usually, a significant difference in the size and/or shape of a woman’s breasts becomes apparent during late adolescence, with asymmetry becoming fully established (without a chance for natural self correction) by the age of 21.

Some people believe that a difference in breast size or shape will self-correct – that one breast will “catch up” to the other – over time, but this is a myth. Only surgical correction can restore breast symmetry once the condition has developed.


Surgical correction is the best solution for women with breasts that differ by one or more bra cup sizes. The treatment aims to make both breasts as close as possible in size and, because of this, can involve procedures such as breast implant augmentation, reduction and lifting. Depending on the individual patient, we may recommend surgery on one or both breasts in order to resolve breast asymmetry.

Breast reduction that matches the larger breast to the size of the smaller

Augmentation that brings the smaller breast closer in size to the larger

Different sized implants placed in both breasts to match size and shape

A mastopexy (breast lift) procedure that treats one or both breasts

A combination of several of these procedures may also be recommended. For example, asymmetry correction may require the placement of an implant in one breast and a reduction and/or lift in the other.

The goal of any correctional procedure is not just to change breast volume, but also to alter shape and dimension. In many cases, women will present a difference in nipple height, nipple/areola diameter, breast width and a general aesthetic variation that can be resolved through treatment.

During the consultation process your surgeon conducts a physical examination and discusses treatment goals. By using this information, he is able to determine the best way to create great results. Patients are cautioned that, although asymmetry treatment can lead to vast improvement, the breasts may still not be completely identical. Nobody has perfectly identical breasts.




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